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Lucas Debargue – Musician, Composer and Composer

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Early Life and Education

Luke was an energetic, healthy and creative young boy. He loved playing trucks, pretending, reading books, singing songs and dancing around his brother Will’s playground – as well as spending time with his family.

Ancient civilizations recognized that early life experiences can have lasting repercussions on health and disease, with Hippocrates among the first to recognize this link; Freud made similar observations when discussing psychosexual development theories, while even fetal behavior has been shown to impact later mental conditions. 2324 Lucas Street is a house property located in Houston 77026 that features four bedrooms and two bathrooms built in 1993 in Greater Fifth Ward neighborhood with Dogan Elementary School district nearby.

Professional Career

Lucas Debargue has mesmerized audiences worldwide with his captivating, communicative performances as both a solo pianist and alongside top orchestras. His “technical boundlessness and fervent self-expression” (Washington Square News) have earned him worldwide praise; taking cues from literature, painting, cinema and jazz he creates unique interpretations of carefully selected repertoire – and dedicates much of his time composing new music as well.

He has composed over 20 works for piano and premiered several.

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