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IWU-National & Global Chancellor Matt Lucas

Matt Lucas of IWU-National & Global took time out from his busy schedule to answer some questions for us – we hope you enjoy this exclusive interview!

Dr. Lucas serves as Senior Pastor at Independent Presbyterian Church and also teaches church history at Reformed Theological Seminary. Additionally, he is the author of multiple books including For a Continuing Church (P&R). Dr. Lucas lives with his wife in Memphis.

Early Life and Education

NYC is providing additional investment and resources to early childhood special education seats, providing educators and families with tools necessary for making the most of this crucial period in a child’s development. This work falls under Chancellor Banks’ renewed vision for New York’s early learning landscape.

Lucas, contrary to popular perception, did not gain his wealth through independent hard work or entrepreneurialism alone; it instead came from inheriting slaveholding fortune. They used this wealth accumulated through slavery to establish state and church institutions including Washington University using laborers held captive in bondsage as labor force.

Stories about many of those enslaved by the Lucas family are intricately linked with its institutional history and show how those enslaved fought back and sought freedom.

Professional Career

Lucas founded several companies including Industrial Light and Magic, Skywalker Sound and Sprocket Systems. His groundbreaking films such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones revolutionized movie making; additionally he established the THX system to ensure high-quality standards within movie theaters.

He possesses extensive expertise in fundraising processes and systems management and transformational philanthropy. In addition to this experience, he has served on multiple non-profit boards and been an executive at charitable foundations.

Lucas previously held positions at Corban University as both provost and executive vice president, where he collaborated closely with his predecessor to ensure an easy transition for the institution. On August 28, he will assume his new post as chancellor of IWU National and Global Campus; until October 1 he will serve in this capacity until being officially inaugurated as chancellor-elect. To commemorate Lucas’s dedication to principles that define a research university environment, The Gene and Susan Lucas Undergraduate Research Fund was created.

Achievement and Honors

Lucas serves as Corban University’s Director of Campus Planning and Environmental Stewardship, managing public landscapes on an ongoing basis and planning for sustainable solutions in its long-term sustainability. In his time here he has overseen a merger between sister institutions as well as devised programs that have met aggressive enrollment and financial goals.

He also contributed to establishing the 3.9-meter Anglo-Australian Telescope in Australia and is considered one of the world’s premier astronomers, ranking within the 1% most-cited publications for his field. Many students around the globe use his work in their research projects.

Personal Life

Lucas has an avid passion for landscape architecture and is currently writing a book about it. When not studying or writing books about it, Lucas loves camping with his family and playing board games together. Additionally, he travels frequently around the globe in order to gain more insights into cultures and human behavior from direct experience.

Lucas used his wealth during the antebellum period to shape St. Louis institutions, such as Washington University. He owned land that became part of its original downtown campus established by founding faculty member John How.

Lucas Johnson is the godfather of British politician Boris Johnson. Together with his wife, they have three children; Emmy, Joshua and Dora-Janeth. Lucas enjoys hiking and camping with his family as well as playing golf regularly – his free time can also be filled with musical performances or photography workshops!

Net Worth

At present, he works at BlackRock, an investment firm with $4.32 trillion under management and oversees global business.

Lucas dreamt of becoming a devotional writer as a teenager and practiced diligently by reading devotions from “Our Daily Bread”.

Chancellor is married to Tiffany Luce, an actress and model. They married in July 2017 at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California and share many mutual interests including participating in charitable endeavors together and having fun together! Additionally, Chancellor has launched The Chancellor Collection shoes which have proven popular with sports fans around the globe and can be found for sale in over 20 countries around the globe – his collection offers both casual and formal styles of footwear for casual or formal events.

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