Lucas Cochran

Lucas Cochran is the Tech Correspondent for Daily Planet, Canada’s popular science show. As such, he evaluates cutting-edge gadgets and shows audiences how these innovations will have an impact on life in the near future.

Cochran was a four-year letterman and two time captain at Box Elder High School, compiling a career record of 169-17 as well as participating in Utah All-Star Duals competition.

Early Life and Education

Lucas boasts the geek cred of Revenge of the Nerds’ Lewis Skolnick, shares Kathleen Craig’s coastal attitude and sports tattoos just like her father – all characteristics shared with Revenge of the Nerds actor Lewis Skolnick – while working in IT as well as being an on-air host for Butterscotch Network.

She currently serves as University of Southern Mississippi’s vice president for research. Her portfolio encompasses externally funded projects, congressional requests and faculty/student research support. In addition, she advises Senator Thad Cochran on ocean/atmosphere legislation.

She serves as a technology correspondent on Daily Planet, testing and demonstrating latest gadgets live on air for Future Tech segment. As an active servant leader, her heart lies with serving students, community and church. In her free time she enjoys fishing and kayaking as well as being an avid Penn State fan.

Professional Career

Lucas Cochran is Canada’s Technology Correspondent on The Daily Planet (1996, 1996-present). Each weekday he joins Ziya Tong for “Digit@l”, providing audiences with inside information on cutting-edge gadgets and must-know virtual hotspots.

Cochran is also the host of “Future Tech”, a weekly feature where he showcases new technologies in studio and provides insight into their effects on our world’s future. His laid-back coastal attitude and tattoos make him a fan favorite with viewers.

Cochran was a four-year letterman and two-time captain at Box Elder High School where he competed in the Utah All-Star Duals. He amassed an outstanding record of 169-17, winning state championships at both 138- and 152-pound weight classes as well as taking home one national title in 149 pounds.

Achievement and Honors

Cochran wrestled for Penn State for two years and competed in 25 matches across various tournaments such as Clarion Open, David Lehman Open and Mat Town Open – qualifying twice for NCAA Championship.

Dee Swann typically kept to herself, yet even she noticed when Lucas Cochran returned to Prosper. The Double C was the largest ranch in Prosper, so everyone paid attention when anything occurred there.

The Distinguished Friend of Student Affairs award honors individuals who make Student Affairs at The University of Southern Mississippi an attractive place for people to work and learn. Nominees for this award must exhibit excellence, efficiency and consistency while upholding its service mission – as well as show an impressive commitment.

Personal Life

Cochran’s untimely demise and his tragic end with Sharon Sheeley have been widely chronicled in books, films, music videos and radio broadcasts; thus ensuring his legacy lives on.

He currently appears as Canada’s Technology Correspondent on Canada’s Daily Planet where he shares up-to-date technology news with Ziya Tong and Dan Riskin, while hosting Future Tech, where he tests cutting-edge gadgets live to give audiences an insider look into some of today’s hotspots.

He’s an avid sports enthusiast who likes watching football, basketball and baseball. Superstitiously he always listens to certain songs before each game and plans on studying finance as his interests lie with money, markets and economies.

Net Worth

Cochran was an American attorney renowned for his high-profile criminal cases and civil rights activism, particularly his representation of minorities against police brutality.

Cochran’s first notable case involved representing 17-year-old street gang member Stanley Tookie Williams against charges of robbery in court. Cochran was successful in getting an acquittal within only ten minutes of trial commencing!

Cochran currently serves as Tech Correspondent on Canada’s popular science show Daily Planet. Here he joins co-hosts Ziya Tong and Dan Riskin to discuss technology news headlines and must-know virtual hotspots. He also hosts an engaging weekly segment called Future Tech where he tests out cutting edge gadgets live in studio and discusses their impactful impact.

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