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A GoFundMe Campaign is Helping Lucas Crutchfield, 15, Recover From a Brain Injury

Lucas Crutchfield’s family have struggled to meet his medical expenses and costs associated with recovering from a baseball-related brain injury, leading them to turn to GoFundMe as an avenue to raise funds. A campaign is underway attempting to raise enough funds for Lucas.

Crutchfield was proud of his team’s effort even if they did fall to Powhatan in the tournament finals.

Early Life and Education

Lucas Crutchfield, 15, is an active athletic child who delights in hunting, fishing and working out at the gym. Additionally, he played baseball at Mecklenburg County High School as a freshman varsity team player.

His life changed after suffering a head injury during practice. The incident left him with amnesia, hemineglect and memory loss – making recovery an ongoing challenge. He now faces an uphill journey.

Ryan Crutchfield believes the school division failed to implement several plans after Lucas was involved in an accident, including not following through with an individualized education plan that doctors prescribed to him. Lucas and his family have set up a fundraising page for medical expenses and therapies necessary for his rehabilitation – already thousands of dollars have been collected!

Professional Career

Lucas Crutchfield, of Tacoma, Washington is an advisor with Charles Schwab & Co and has four years of experience. He holds Series 63 and Series 66 licenses as a Registered Investment Adviser to provide investment advice in Washington state.

Lucas’ family was devastated to learn of his brain injury which has included agnosia, hemineglect and short and long-term memory loss.

After the accident, Lucas and his parents created a GoFundMe campaign with a $20,000 fundraising goal in order to cover his medical costs and help with therapy, travel expenses and recovery costs associated with student athlete injuries. They hope that raising awareness will also increase donations.

Achievement and Honors

Crutchfield earned the Sunshine State Conference Coach of the Year honor for 2022-23 season after leading Nova Southeastern from Division II bottom spot to top-10 finish and then reaching NCAA Tournament for first time ever in their history.

Lucas was playing shortstop at practice in March when a ball that took an unfortunate bounce hit him directly in the hippocampus region of his brain, which controls memory and learning. According to Ryan and Crystal, Lucas now suffers from amnesia, hemineglect, as well as excruciating headaches.

Mecklenburg County Public Schools was widely criticized by Lucas’ family and supporters following his accident and subsequent head injury, in particular regarding their handling and care for Lucas afterward. They are seeking better training for coaches and trainers as well as increased safety precautions for students with head injuries as well as greater communication from school personnel.

Personal Life

Lucas Crutchfield, 15, suffered a traumatic brain injury when hit by an off-kilter baseball during Mecklenburg County high school practice this spring and his family have set out to raise awareness for student athlete injuries while advocating for better training of athletic staff and improved safety precautions at sports events at Mecklenburg County high schools.

They have been overwhelmed with donations, yet have experienced what Crystal Crutchfield describes as “humiliating” failures of school protocols and communication. She and her husband have had to initiate everything from medical treatments for their son to homebound learning, she noted.

Since Raleigh Fellows launched, they have been dedicated participants, finding mentors for their children as well as hosting fellows themselves. Both families share strong faith and a deep commitment to local community projects.

Net Worth

Lucas Crutchfield of South Hill sustained a severe brain injury during baseball practice last March when a hard-hit ball with an off-target trajectory hit him square in the head, hospitalizing for two weeks after which time he has yet to return to school or class. Since his accident his family is raising money to cover medical costs as he begins the long road back from being incapacitated by physical issues.

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