Lucas Donahue

Lucas Donahue, 41, Was Killed While Restoring Power in Halifax, Vermont, Last Thursday

Donahue died Thursday at 11 a.m. while working to restore power after a windstorm, according to Vermont Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigators. A GoFundMe established for his family has raised over $93,000 of their $120,000 goal.

In submitting their motion, Defendants submit only a four-paragraph declaration by Shakira Elliott which states she listened to all recorded conversations but did not hear specific words mentioned during those calls.

Early Life and Education

Donahue had a distinguished career in the coal business. First as an inspector on the B&O Railroad at Grafton and Wheeling before serving as mine yard supervisor at Davis.

At home in Frostburg, he was active in local politics and served on both the City Council and Planning Commission. Additionally, he belonged to Aerie 1273 of FO Eagles as well as Frostburg Lodge 470 BPO Elks.

GoFundMe campaign started to support Luke Donahue’s family has raised nearly $120,000 as of Tuesday. A memorial service is scheduled for Thursday. Additionally to cash donations, organizers of this fundraiser are accepting nonperishable food items and grocery store gift cards; checks should be payable to Lindsay Donahue – Luke’s wife. His family thanks all donors for their kindness.

Professional Career

Luke Donahue has worked as both founder and co-founder in several startups. With extensive experience in entrepreneurship, consulting, data analytics and JD Power Consulting – as well as acting as director for New Enterprise Forum and managing their operations – Luke also boasts extensive e-commerce and business development knowledge.

Donahue earned Big South Presidential Honor Roll selection and Millis Scholar-Athlete recognition during 2009 season, playing 21 games for UConn Huskies scoring his inaugural career goal against Winthrop (10/6/09). Additionally he was honored as Big South All-Freshman player. Additionally he founded #TeamAJ foundation to raise funds for Wolfson Children’s Hospital of Jacksonville where his oldest son had been patient; it has raised over $50k!

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

Lucas Donahue was a 41-year-old Green Mountain Power lineworker from Colrain, Massachusetts who died while working to restore power following trees falling onto power lines in Halifax Vermont on Thursday. Donahue sustained multi-system trauma injuries and was declared deceased at the scene; he left behind a wife and two children whom the GoFundMe campaign to raise over $93,000 has already supported with over $89,000 being collected as of Tuesday evening.

Luke Donahue, known for his viral YouTube prank videos and animal advocacy, is an animal lover and philanthropist who keeps multiple pets that often feature in videos posted to his channel. Additionally, his charity foundation helps homeless animals. Luke also is a talented comedian with the uncanny ability to get under people’s skin and make them laugh–sometimes even when they attempt to resist his comedy! He enjoys making people laugh through natural comedy-making skills that quickly go viral.

Net Worth

Grandbridge Real Estate Capital LLC’s Phoenix production office. He has successfully raised over $1.0 billion through capital placement transactions for commercial real estate projects encompassing Multifamily, Retail, Office and Industrial properties.

He brings over two decades of experience to GSE Lending (FNMA, FHLMC and HUD), Insurance Company Placements, Securitized Lending Bridge & Equity Investments. Additionally he serves on the Arizona Commercial Board of Realtors board of Directors.

Lucas Donahue may have a criminal past, but after time spent behind bars he is looking forward to leading an honest life. Unfortunately, Sons of Steel Row gang put out an arrest warrant on him, and upon meeting an engaging bartender they question his newfound honesty.

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