Lucas Stieber

Lucas Stieber is a 6-foot-3 shooting guard capable of playing both positions, who values team play. A true pass-first point guard, Lucas makes his teammates better.

On January 1st 2022, he achieved a career high efficiency score with 22 points during Green Bay Phoenix’s road loss against Wright State Raiders. Additionally he contributed 3 rebounds and 2 steals.

Early Life and Education

Lucas Stieber hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin where he attended Southwest High School. After initially enrolling at UW-Green Bay as a walk-on player and later being granted a scholarship, Lucas has played for the Green Bay Phoenix basketball team for two seasons while still having three years of eligibility left to use during that timeframe.

He recently signed on with Gardner-Webb Runnin’ Bulldogs in 2022-2023 as a point guard and stands six foot three.

High school life for Lucas can be tough due to his nerdy looks and meek demeanor; however, Cappie Roew, an older student who plays football for Phoenix is his protector. Maggie and Lucas develop feelings for one another but Lucas often chastises Maggie for being a cheerleader while asserting they come from two separate worlds – Maggie eventually shies away and goes out with friends instead for pizza.

Professional Career

Stieber made an immediate impactful first season at UWGB as a walk-on player, averaging 3.8 points and 2.8 rebounds while being an important member of their defense. Playing more minutes than any of his colleagues.

Stieber established personal bests as a sophomore for both points and assists, scoring 22 against Wright State on New Year’s Day and notching nine assists against FIU in one win each.

Stieber also excelled in the HKFC Philips Lighting International Soccer Sevens competition, winning with his team. Even without experience under his belt, Stieber proved himself as an impressive point guard who could score from any perimeter position and quick passes and free kicks that gained him so much praise from spectators and opponents alike.

Achievement and Honors

Lucas Stieber is an exceptional player, having won an astonishing 307 matches while suffering only four defeats over his entire career. This incredible record makes Lucas Stieber one of the most accomplished players ever!

He is a talented player currently playing for Green Bay Phoenix in NCAA. He has made great contributions to his team while scoring plenty of points during each game he participates in.

He was an integral member of Southwest High School’s Trojan team that won their first conference championship since 1994 that season, helping lead them to victory despite sitting out two months with an injured hip. Stieber remains an essential contributor despite this hip issue limiting him during this year.

Personal Life

Stieber may not stand out on paper as one of Phoenix’s star players this season or any season; but he excels at making extra passes that keep others engaged and moving the ball downfield.

He’s an outstanding pass-first point guard who contributes much more than what his stat sheet shows.

Before arriving at UWGB, Stieber excelled at Green Bay Southwest High School where he became one of the state’s top defenders as a senior and led his team to victory in its first Fox River Classic conference championship since almost two decades.

He was the only Phoenix player to participate in all 27 games this season, proving himself as a reliable defender and team facilitator. Still eligible to play three more years, he hopes to pursue a master’s degree in coaching after his playing career concludes.

Net Worth

Stieber stands out with his defensive prowess and court vision. As a true pass-first point guard who creates for his teammates, Stieber makes himself far more valuable than what his stat sheet suggests.

Ryan recruited him as a walk-on player, but in just his first season under him he earned a significant role and made the Horizon League all freshman team. His assist-to-turnover ratio is 3.75:1, making him an invaluable facilitator.

Stieber was brought up around basketball royalty; his grandfather was UWGB and Wisconsin legend Dick Bennett; Tony Bennett is an award-winning former college coach who now coaches women’s hoops at Virginia; while Jeff Stieber served as high school coach in Green Bay and their family is quite wealthy, owning multiple businesses.

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