Lucid Shoes

Lucid Shoes Are All About Bold Style and Comfort

Lucid shoes combine bold style and comfort for work or play, featuring a breathable mesh upper with herringbone pattern for superior airflow and designed and approved by DVS Skate Team.

Jordan Brand will launch an Air Jordan 4 with Lucid Green accents designed exclusively for women.

Early Life and Education

Lucid was raised by Baptist missionaries from Bethany, Oklahoma as she spent her early years living and studying with them in war-torn China. Later she studied chemistry at the University of Oklahoma before working as a research chemist first for Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation then Kerr-McGee Oil company.

NASA first chose her as one of six female astronauts in 1978 and gave her her maiden voyage into space aboard STS-51G in 1985. Since then she has spent 188 days total spanning four shuttle missions and two visits to Russian Mir space station.

At first, she expressed some reservations regarding any possible language barriers with her cosmonaut crewmates on Mir. To address this concern, she traveled to Star City for Russian lessons for one year – eventually making an embarrassing misstep that might have been humorous if it hadn’t been so demoralizing.

Professional Career

Lucid was the first female astronaut ever to complete three consecutive missions; her final trip, between March-September 1996, to Russia’s Mir station spanned 223 days in space. Additionally, she frequently provided communications support in NASA Mission Control rooms during their respective orbiting crew missions.

Nalle may not be well known like many of his list mates, but he remains one of the most accomplished boulderers around, having established some notable ascents such as first V17 Burden of Dreams ascent. Sponsored by 5:10 and often opting for their Team or Hiangles shoes when making these notable ascents, Nalle is considered an integral member of any successful boulder team.

Achievement and Honors

Lucid was among the inaugural class of female astronauts selected to NASA in 1978 as part of NASA’s 1978 astronaut class, becoming one of the first female astronauts. For her service she received both the Congressional Space Medal of Honor and Russia’s Order of Friendship; Russia is amongst several nations which recognizes such awards for non-citizens.

Lucid conducted several science experiments during the week ending June 14. One such experiment, known as the Humoral Immunity Experiment, investigated whether long-duration spaceflight affected crewmember immune systems by administering injections into each crewmember’s veins.

Another experiment involved lighting 51 candles inside Mir Priroda module and collecting data about the complex physiochemical process of combustion, while simultaneously troubleshooting its power system. On May 7, an unmanned Progress cargo ship docked with Mir to help kick-start science activities at the station.

Personal Life

DVS skate team approved, these Lucid shoes feature a one-piece toe vamp for improved durability and an incredible board feel. Their cushioned platform and Air-Cooled Goga Mat insole offer unparalleled comfort throughout any step, run or jump you take.

Please be aware that new shoes may contain a glue-like smell when opening them; this is normal and will fade over time. All made in America!

orders of $75 or more qualify for free shipping.

Net Worth

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DVS Lucid Skate Shoes offer a bold appearance in grey and black, featuring an easy one-piece toe vamp design and non-slip herringbone tread pattern, making these an excellent choice for skaters looking to elevate their performance to new heights. Created and approved by DVS’ Skate team, these shoes provide unrivaled board feel like no other shoe on the market today.

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