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Saints Lucy and Luke

Saint Lucy (Luia in Latin) is widely considered the patron saint of blindness due to her martyrdom during which she lost her vision. Additionally, she serves as the patron saint for Syracuse in Sicily, Italy.

Mudan is an energetic young girl who befriends Hakutaku of Taonia. Later she meets Libra Dohko and uses her Pohuai Xiao Zhuan technique against him to defeat him.

Early Life and Education

These saints were instrumental in furthering education through parochial school systems and rural populations, inspiring thousands of learners with their care for students and enthusiasm for learning. Their commitment was evident throughout their lives.

Father Luigi Scrosoppi spent his entire life working tirelessly towards improving education in Udine and Friuli’s poorer regions, showing great compassion for those suffering.

Saint Lucy (or Santa Lucia in Italian) died during Diocletian’s persecutions, becoming venerated in Catholicism as patron saint of sight and light; her feast day is observed annually on 13 December. As Saint Lucy was also virgin at her death she is also revered as patron saint of women.

Professional Career

Luco first made his debut in the limited CD Drama and later appeared in Anecdotes series. A healer by profession, he was forced into becoming a Specter after failing to cure Pisces Rugonis of poisonous blood that infected all Gold Saints including Albafica’s Crimson Thorn attack. Luco used Earth of Lily technique allowing him to control all plant life (herbs and flowers alike) giving him control of cure or sedate targets with his white lily field; additionally transforming plants into techniques of his own making.

Achievement and Honors

Casandra Valdez and Madison Nunn both earned All-American status from OLLU this season, helping the Saints win both regular season and tournament championships of Red River Athletic Conference as well as earning their first trip to NAIA World Series this year.

Each year, the College recognizes full-time students with a grade point average of at least 3.5 with its Honors Convocation ceremony. At this event, four awards are bestowed to recipients nominated and approved through specific criteria by various constituents within the College community.

As I travel throughout the archdiocese, it is inspiring for me to meet those who have received this award and experience their positive change as it not only acknowledges their service to the church but is a testament to how they live their lives.

Personal Life

Saint Luke possessed the gift of miraculous workings, so when he arrived as Abbot of Mula’s Monastery (Monte La Mula) he helped heal sick patients, exorcise demons, devote himself to prayer and meditation as well as healing others.

Celintha was once Taurus Hasgard’s trial companion but abandoned the ways of the Saints after her mentor died during the Holy War. Now living in Rodrio village as a teacher.

Gioca, an orphaned pickpocket, unwittingly becomes embroiled in the Black Saints’ crisis when she steals Cancer Manigoldo’s coin purse during one of her thefts. She soon learns she is descended from Death Queen Island guardians slaughtered by Black Hound Yudo many years earlier; using her powers as a Dryad she can control plants to increase thorn size, used against Gold Saints using Curse of Lily technique.

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