Lyrica Anderson Net Worth

R&B singer Lyrica Anderson has quickly made her mark in the industry with her soulful vocals and captivating lyrics, earning acclaim among fans such as Charice Pearce and Beyonce alike. Additionally, Lyrica makes money as a songwriter; writing songs for artists such as Beyonce.

Talented singer-songwriter, Imani has ventured into business by creating her own cosmetics line and appearing on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood to expand her wealth further.

Early Life and Education

Lyrica Anderson was introduced to music at an early age due to her mother, Lyrica Garrett (also renowned as an accomplished singer). Growing up surrounded by melodies and harmonies provided an immersive environment of melodies and harmony from day one.

She quickly established herself in the industry by writing songs for established artists like Demi Lovato and Chris Brown. Her ability to craft heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies earned her widespread acclaim among her peers.

She has earned notoriety not only through songwriting but also reality TV stardom; currently being the wife of rapper Floyd Bentley better known as A1 Bentley and being connected with actresses Meagan Good and La’Myia Good through family ties.

Professional Career

Lyrica has leveraged her rich music background to diversify her income sources with other business ventures, including makeup lines and film appearances. Furthermore, the R&B star is an astute businesswoman who has leveraged social media presence and made wise real estate investments.

At the beginning of her professional journey, she launched her debut mixtape King Me in 2012. This album included guest appearances by notable artists like Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla Sign. Later that same year, she composed two songs for Chris Brown: Grass Ain’t Greener and Pretend.

Anderson first joined Love and Hip Hop Hollywood as a supporting cast member, before eventually transitioning into being one of its main cast members in 2017. As her profile and popularity rose due to the show, so too did opportunities for endorsements, collaborations and live performances.

Achievement and Honors

Lyrica’s upbringing in Los Angeles, California–an epicenter for music culture–enabled her to quickly make an impression in the music industry. She has co-written songs for various artists including Filipina singer Charice which became one of the top selling US Dance Club Songs Chart entries.

In 2012, Lyrica Janelle released her critically-acclaimed mixtape King Me. Since then she has recorded several successful singles and EPs. Furthermore, Lyrica Janelle Cosmetics offers products tailored specifically for female entrepreneurs.

Lyrica’s family and fans are extremely supportive of her career. She currently married record producer Floyd Bentley (A1 Bentley). Together they share Ocean Zion Bentley.

Personal Life

Lyrica Anderson is an accomplished and determined singer-songwriter who has made her mark in the music industry through hard work and smart business ventures. Her music career and reality TV appearances have enabled her to amass an immense fortune while she invests in real estate investments as well as utilizing her social media presence for sponsorship opportunities.

Anderson first appeared as a supporting cast member on Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood for its third season, then returned as main cast member the following year. Anderson released two albums: Hello (2015) and Adia (2017).

She is happily married to rapper and record producer A1 Bentley and they share one son together, Ocean Zion Bentley. Their family life provides her with strength and happiness which influences both her decisions in music as well as other areas.

Net Worth

Lyrica Anderson has amassed an enormous fortune through her music and reality television ventures, building up her bank balance gradually through shrewd business practices. Additionally, she makes good money through social media accounts and endorsement deals, writing songs for popular singers such as Charice and Demi Lovato which has contributed significantly to her wealth; also appearing in three seasons of Love and Hip Hop franchise and earning six-figure sums of money as a result of starring roles.

In 2012, she released the mixtape King Me which proved immensely successful and generated considerable revenues for her. A1 Bentley has proven himself an adept music producer; their collaborations and live performances together have also augmented her earnings significantly.

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