Lysethia Best Class

Best Class For Fire Emblem: Three Hopes – Lysethia

Lysethia is an excellent choice for anyone looking to become a mage. This class’s weakness to physical attacks makes it difficult to keep enemies away. She can use magic well and her high defense can help keep her in check.

The best class for Lysithea is a female mage. She can even be trained as a white mage if she wishes. Lysithea excels in black magic but can also learn white magic. Her standards are higher that those of a knight, which will be a benefit in melee battles.

Lysithea returns to Fire Emblem: Three Hopes as a playable character. Although she has high Magic and Speed stats in the previous game, her defensive abilities were a problem. Her class and weapon choices aren’t great, but she’s still worth playing if you want to have a chance of defeating enemies. Her use is a great way to gain more experience in Fire Emblem 3: Three Hopes. She’ll give your opponents an advantage. However, you’ll have to learn how to use her to maximize her potential.

If you have a high level of experience in combat and are not afraid of taking on more challenging enemies, then consider being a trickster. This will give you the chance to use sword abilities and enhance your damage output. To increase Leonie’s mobility and bonus damage, you will also need to equip a bow. To maximize her potential, it is best to place Leonie in close proximity to male units for both classes.

This class is for horse lovers. You can use two swords to blast enemies with magic. And if you’re a lover of horses, you’ll love the fact that this class has a high defense against magic. This class is also a great choice for people who enjoy riding horses.

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