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KC & KSCS PD Mac Daniels

Mac Daniels has been an integral part of radio for four decades. Starting his career in rural Missouri, he quickly advanced his way up through major market positions at stations such as WMZQ/Washington, KASE & KVET/Austin and KSKS/Fresno.

BRG and Daniels will collide in an exciting Let’s Wrestle tag team match at Saturday’s Reasonable Doubt show hosted by Limitless Wrestling.

Early Life and Education

Mac was born and raised in North Bend before traveling the East and England for his education, returning home out of loyalty and becoming a teacher and then teacher leader here in Nebraska. Our Teacher of the Year award honors Carol MacDaniels whose all too short life also illustrated these patterns of achievement.

He taught himself DJing in his basement with two turntables and a mixer from his older brother. His initial DJ name was Easy D, later becoming more recognizable under its acronym Devastating Mic Control (DMC).

Mac discovered as an adult that he was adopted, leading him on a search for his biological mother. Working alongside VH1 network on a documentary documenting this search effort.

Professional Career

Mac Daniels is an American professional basketball player currently playing for Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association and serving as second leading scorer and one of its primary rebounders. Before turning professional, Daniels attended Colorado State University where he played college ball.

As CID colonel, Daniels exonerates Herc of any wrongdoing related to racial profiling while helping Freamon put together his case against Marlo Stanfield. Attempts by him at persuading McNulty and Greggs to join his detail prove unsuccessful; when Rawls proposes him for promotion as commissioner, Burrell and Davis conspire against him.

She appeared in several film roles, such as Alice Adams’ maid (slumpy maid), Jean Harlow’s traveling companion in China Seas (Michele Lee was her maid) and Isabella in Murder by Television (starring Bela Lugosi). Additionally, she sang both on-screen and stage – sometimes singing the entire time! Unfortunately she encountered racism and segregation throughout her career – even being denied entrance into Atlanta for Gone With the Wind premiere because of race discrimination.

Achievement and Honors

Mac Daniels recently received the highest honor from Claude Mac Daniels Rotary Club: Rotarian of the Year award, marking it his third time winning this accolade.

Alongside his wrestling career, he has worked as a voiceover artist and founded two charities. Additionally, he wrote his first book and currently serves as curator for African American collections in Emory’s Manuscript Archives and Rare Book Library.

As well as this, he serves as an assistant professor of speech communications at the University of Alabama, which named a classroom after him. Each year the Nebraska Writing Project presents its MacDaniels Award to an educator who best represents these values and the work done by Carol MacDaniels who inspired it all.

Personal Life

MacDaniels leads an extravagant life, enjoying millions of followers and living in an impressive house with multiple bedrooms. He loves driving luxury cars and driving them himself when necessary!

He has been an active member of Georgetown Breakfast Rotary Club and received three consecutive Rotarian of the Year awards. Additionally, he has participated in charity projects in his community.

He enjoys spending his free time catching up with old friends and spending quality time with his family. Additionally, he’s an avid shopper and often makes purchases of designer products.

MacDaniels began his YouTube content creation career by uploading videos asking luxury car owners about their profession. These videos quickly went viral.

Net Worth

Daniel Mac has amassed an enormous following across TikTok and YouTube, and his online merch store brings in significant income. Popularly known as ItsDanielMac he boasts an estimated annual net worth of $300K.

Daniel started off his career as a stock trader but soon abandoned the career to pursue his goal of becoming an influential social media personality. He posted videos online where he stopped luxury car owners to ask them about what they did for work.

His video went viral and since then, he has continued posting videos with similar themes. Being a social media influencer allows him to make a good living off brand deals, promotions and shout-out opportunities.

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