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Actress Madeline Dziena is an American actress known for appearing in several film and television roles. She first made her acting debut on TNT’s Witchblade before gaining further experience through guest spots in popular shows like Law and Order and Dexter.

Her movies include Sex and Breakfast (Heather), Fool’s Gold (Gemma Honeycutt) and Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist (Tris).

Early Life and Education

Alexis Gabrielle Dziena was born July 8, 1984 in New York City and currently works primarily as an actress. She hails from Polish, Italian and Irish ancestry and attended Saint Ann’s School alongside Paz de la Huerta from Bringing Rain. Additionally she completed acting classes with the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

After graduating high school, she quickly found acting roles on television series like Witchblade as Bola and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Soon thereafter she made the leap into film roles such as Sex and Breakfast and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

Her filmography includes playing Lolita from Broken Flowers and Gemma Honeycutt from Fool’s Gold. Furthermore, she has guest-starred on various TV series such as Entourage and Law & Order: SVU.

Professional Career

Dziena has made her mark as an actress with various movies and television series, starting off her acting career in 2002 with Witchblade on TV, followed by Mimic 3: Sentinel the following year, appearing several times more throughout 2003 in both films as well as playing various roles on popular shows like Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Joan of Arcadia.

She is also a painter and has showcased her art at numerous exhibitions. With a strong wanderlust, she loves exploring various countries.

Dziena has not tied the knot yet but she has had several relationships in the past. From 2002 to 2004, she dated American actor Michael Pitt while since 2013, she has been dating voice actor Jeffery Francis Ausley from America. Dziena generally keeps her personal life private and does not reveal details regarding any relationships in which she may be involved.

Achievement and Honors

Her performances in movies like Evol earned her widespread respect in the film industry and numerous awards at various film festivals.

She is an amazing dancer, and her talent in acting has won her the respect of many around the globe. Her future looks bright.

Dziena has not tied the knot yet but has had several romantic relationships with celebrities. From 2002-2004 she dated actor Michael Pitt for around two years while she also briefly had one with American voice actor Jeffery Francis Ausley which ultimately fizzled out soon afterwards.

Dziena is an attractive lady with an engaging personality to match her beautiful looks. At 5 feet 2 inches and with an ideal banana shaped body, Dziena stands 5 feet 2 inches and boasts a perfect banana figure. Additionally, she is also an accomplished singer as well as having played various roles in television series and movies.

Personal Life

Dziena Dziena is an American actress and playwright who has made appearances in multiple movies and TV series since her acting debut in 2002 with Witchblade (TV) series. Since then she has appeared in other roles like Season of Youth and Invasion (movies/TV). She holds Irish, Italian and Polish ancestry. She made her acting debut in 2002 on Witchblade television series; then went on to appear in several other roles like Season of Youth and Invasion films as well.

Dziena Dziena is currently working on the science fiction film ‘Without Ward’ and will play a character with sight loss in it. At 5 feet 2 inches and with her slim figure, Dziena will bring an authentic performance as one of its lead actors.

She was born on 8 July 1984 in New York City, United States, and attended Saint Ann private school, studying alongside Paz de la Huerta whom she became close with during this time.

Net Worth

Dziena has earned significant wealth through her acting career and currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $3 Million.

She hails from Irish, Italian and Polish descent and attended Saint Ann’s School, studying alongside Paz de la Huerta from Bringing Rain. Additionally, she spent summers in Sea Isle City on New Jersey’s southern shore.

Dziena has also appeared on television series such as Joan of Arcadia and Law & Order. From 2000-2004 she dated actor Michael Pitt on and off, co-starring in Joey Ramone’s music video for “What a Wonderful World.” In mid 2014 she dated Jeffrey Francis Ausley but they eventually parted ways and she is currently single without children.

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