Marissa George

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Marissa George is an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner. She takes great pleasure in seeing patients from their initial consultation to post-procedure follow up, helping them feel their best.

She is an actress best known for her role as Mischa Barton on the Fox TV series The O.C.

Early Life and Education

Maria George was born in Fairfax, Oklahoma on the Osage Indian Reservation and spent her youth playing music and dancing with her sister Marjorie. Since a young age, Maria had always wanted to join Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo and pursued this passion with enthusiasm.

She studied classical ballet under master teachers in both the United States and Europe, eventually joining the renowned ballet company and touring the globe to perform in some of Europe’s top ballet houses.

Marissa was an accomplished dancer and the first Native American prima ballerina in America. She also published numerous articles on human rights, art education, and youth development. Marissa has been active in several religious and social justice organizations such as Unitarian Universalist Association and Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.

Professional Career

Marissa George has a variety of professional interests. Currently, she is a 3L at Temple Law in Philadelphia and she enjoys practicing Sports and Entertainment law by working with sports teams and other businesses within the industry.

She has also featured in several short films and stage plays, most recently Reloaded, co-starring Toneata Morgan.

Her professional career began in the early 2000s, when she had roles in horror and thriller films such as Derailed (2005) and Turistas (2006). Additionally, she appeared on WDZ (2007) and 30 Days of Night (2007).

She then secured a recurring role on Alias (2001). By the 2010s, she had several roles in film and television. Furthermore, she has worked on numerous commercials and made her first voiceover appearance.

Achievements and Honors

Throughout her college career, she has shown compassion, academic achievement, leadership skills, sportsmanship and devotion to Georgetown University’s educational and spiritual objectives.

She has earned numerous accolades for her achievements, such as the University Scholar Award, President’s Scholarship and Honors Excellence Award. Additionally, she holds memberships in Phi Eta Sigma and Eta Sigma Gamma honor societies, in addition to belonging to the National Society for Leadership and Success.

She has served as a member of the University Honors Program and presented her research at multiple conferences. Her focus areas include academic labor conditions, gendered work practices, student debt issues and corporate influence in higher education. An active activist within academia in America, she has participated in two Congressional Briefing Panels discussing working conditions at colleges and universities.

Personal Life

Australian actress Melissa George has had a thriving career in Hollywood. She’s featured in films such as Derailed (2005), Turistas (2006) and WDZ (2007).

George was successful, yet still had time for her family. She and her husband have a son named James and another on the way.

George had a passion for sports and the outdoors that transcended her professional career. She enjoyed spending free time playing soccer with her brothers and taking cross-country trips to Yellowstone National Park.

George also volunteered at the Dream Street Foundation Camp for terminally ill children, giving her the chance to experience what she was missing out on. She became close with Trey, Ryan’s brother; unfortunately, he eventually tried to rape her which caused tensions between them.

Net Worth

Australian actress Melissa George boasts a net worth of $275 million. She has amassed this fortune through wise stock investments, substantial property holdings, and lucrative endorsement deals with CoverGirl cosmetics and her own vodka brand.

She has dedicated many of her free moments to charity, donating millions of dollars. Furthermore, she created her own line of perfume and fashion products.

Her husband, Carey Hart, is a former freestyle motorcross competitor and motorcycle racer who has made his fortune by appearing in numerous commercials. Additionally, he owns Hart & Huntington Tattoo & Clothing Company in Las Vegas.

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