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Michael Ruccolo – A Well-Known Actor

Michael Ruccolo resides at 1203 Mainsail Circle in Jupiter, FL 33477 and also maintains an office and residence in Marlton, NJ 07604 respectively. With more than 25 years of experience in International Markets, World Trade, Import/Export Operations Banking and Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Two Guys and a Girl star Nicole Sullivan will star as Rita Rocks on Lifetime’s comedy pilot alongside Tisha Campbell Martin and Erinn Hayes in Lifetime’s comedy pilot Rita Rocks.

Early Life and Education

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His early acting experience came when he starred in Cherokee High School’s production of Oklahoma!, which lead to movies and television series like Two Guys and a Girl.

He is married and the proud parent of two children. Additionally, he owns and operates Ruccolo Home Real Estate Company which specializes in helping people purchase, sell and invest in real estate properties.

Professional Career

Michael Ruccolo remains an approachable person despite his many awards and accomplishments, preferring spending quality time with those closest to him and cherishing family relationships. His charming smile and undeniable talent make him a beloved figure to many.

Philanthropic endeavors and charitable contributions further solidify his appeal as an actor with strong humanitarian ideals and an admirable work ethic in the entertainment industry.

Michael Ruccolo first gained recognition through his breakout role on Two Guys and a Girl. Since then he has made appearances on Joey and Desperate Housewives; as well as movies such as All Over the Guy and Rita Rocks.

Achievement and Honors

Ruccolo has distinguished himself as an accomplished actor through his talent, charisma, and dedication to his craft. Over time he has amassed an extensive fan base that continues to support both him and his projects.

He is known for his sharp sense of humor and impeccable comic timing, earning him numerous guest spots on top television shows as well as starring roles in several films including All Over the Guy” and Rita Rocks”.

Ruccolo also enjoys photography as a passion outside of acting, his photos displaying his distinct perspective and artistic eye. Additionally, he loves traveling and experiencing different cultures. Ruccolo values relationships highly and prioritizes spending time with family and friends; in addition, he is a fierce animal rights activist with an undying appreciation for nature.

Personal Life

Ruccolo was born on 3-2-1972 and follows the life path number 6. According to numerology, this number symbolizes love, affection, and care – as well as someone who seeks to serve humanity for greater causes.

He is married to Lauren Rees and has two sons named Rocco and Nico. Rocco currently resides in the United States while Nico resides abroad. In movies and tv shows such as Two Guys and a Girl, All Over the Guy, Playdate, Joey etc he has appeared.

At 1203 Mainsail Circle in Jupiter FL 33477-1412 resides an experienced international trade professional who has participated in multiple organizations dedicated to international commerce. His knowledge encompasses customs brokerage services, compliance auditing, C-TPAT/NVOCC services and trucking as well as banking related to international trade.

Net Worth

Michael Ruccolo reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $2 Million and is renowned actor. He starred as Pete Dunville on ABC sitcom Two Guys and a Girl from 1998-2001, and other movies including Less Than Perfect, All Over the Guy, Playdate, Music from Another Room, Joey.

In 2008, he married Lauren Rees after previously dating Saved by the Bell star Tiffani Thiessen.

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