Michelle Wirth

Michelle is an optimistic who believes the world holds endless potential. She strives to foster an atmosphere in her workplace which encourages collaboration and open-mindedness.

She currently co-owns a Mercedes-Benz dealership and has served multiple roles within the company, such as Environmental & Safety Engineering and Product & Technology Public Relations.

She writes freelance for newspapers and business magazines, as well as helping senior adults record their life stories.

Early Life and Education

Michelle Wirth is an author and speaker on small business marketing. For years she worked at Mercedes-Benz USA where she oversaw product and technology public relations. Michelle co-owns a local Mercedes dealership as well as having founded her own marketing consultancy.

She recently earned a nomination for New Hampshire Teacher of the Year and will compete against 32 teachers for this title. Piper Cronin from Rye School also currently sits among these 32 contenders for consideration.

She is well-recognized for her work on small business and entrepreneurship, speaking at conferences and seminars across the United States on marketing to small businesses. Additionally, she has published multiple books: her first being The Complete Guide to Marketing for Your Small Business in 2018 followed by How to Get More Customers released later that same year.

Professional Career

Michelle is an author and freelance writer specializing in newspapers, magazines and businesses. With a strong passion for storytelling through writing, Michelle enjoys helping other tell theirs through her writing work.

She has been featured in various publications and is an active speaker on topics relating to innovation, leadership, culture and business development. Her unique perspective and experience make her an invaluable resource for her audiences.

She is an enthusiastic supporter of small businesses and strongly believes in collaboration. She excels at finding solutions and seeing them to fruition; is open to new ideas; as co-owner of Mercedes-Benz of Springfield dealership, she fosters an approach focused on finding solutions rather than boundaries.

Achievement and Honors

Michelle Wirth is an award-winning public and community relations leader at Penn State. Her responsibilities include overseeing relations and communications between alumni, industry, legislators and prospective students of Penn State as well as her college. Michelle Wirth and her team were recently recognized for developing Atlas, an educational digital platform which gives clients flexible access to educational content when and where it suits them best.

Michelle Wirth is an optimist who sees endless potential in life. With this in mind, she hopes to bring this optimistic outlook to her new dealership with the aim of creating an environment focused less on limitations and more on abundance for everyone involved – creating a workplace in which ideas are freely exchanged openly to achieve mutual goals; something which Michelle Wirth hopes Mercedes-Benz of Springfield emulates as business model.

Personal Life

Michelle Wirth is an enthusiastic journalist who enjoys travel and photography. Additionally, she owns and co-owns a Mercedes-Benz dealership and participates in Springfield’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. With an optimistic view on life and an open work culture in mind, Michelle lives life to its fullest.

She specializes in candid photography that captures the human connection between individuals. She offers photography services for weddings and elopements, seniors sessions, family sessions, engagements as well as providing complimentary engagement session to ensure couples get acquainted with her before their big day arrives.

Michelle is an advocate for gender equality and an out lesbian. She has written extensively about her transgender experience for various publications.

Net Worth

Michael Wirth is an American businessman and executive with an estimated net worth of $50 Million. He currently holds positions as both Chairman and CEO for Chevron Corporation as well as being on their Board of Directors as well as other companies’ boards of directors.

She loved having fun and engaging with her friends. She was heavily invested in raising her son Evan well. She was truly beautiful inside and out.

Michelle Wirth currently resides at 13598 500th Ave in Story City, Iowa 502448; previous addresses have included 139 Blank Road Niagara Falls NY 14304 and 179 Laidacker Road Milton Pennsylvania 17847. Radaris provides free public records searches that include photos, addresses, phone numbers, relatives information and arrest records (if available).

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