Nastassia Subban

Nastassia Subban and P.K Subban

P.K. Subban’s sister Nastassia is a school teacher who works in Toronto’s most at-risk neighbourhoods while his Montserrat-born mother Maria encourages her two sons to play hockey. The family supports Hyundai Hockey Helpers, a program that helps low-income families cover the cost of registration and equipment.

In preseason practice, he beat out Carey Price in a drill and pinned him into an aggressive bro-hug. His on-ice theatrics are a delight to watch, even if they’re maddening to opponents.

Early Life and Education

Despite their economic hardship, Subban’s parents made sure their children got the best possible education. They also instilled in them a strong work ethic. In fact, their home was a hub of hockey with goalie pads lined up in the front hallway and the walls adorned with team photos and framed jerseys.

Karl and Maria are on Life Path Number 9. They have an insatiable thirst for growth and new experiences and encourage their children to do the same.

They have even turned their backyard into a rink and let the boys practise on piano legs for a net. They also have set up a program called Blueline Buddies, where they invite a member of the Metro Nashville Police Department and a mentor from a local organization to each of their Predators games and buy them dinner.

Professional Career

With two World Junior Championships to her name, P.K Subban made his professional debut with the Montreal Canadiens in 2009/10 and won the James Norris Memorial Trophy in 2013. He was later traded to Nashville Predators.

He is on a life path number 9 which suggests an insatiable hunger for growth and new experiences. He is also a philanthropist who has donated $10 million to the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

His sisters, Nastassia and Natasha, are both teachers in Toronto’s Jane and Finch area. They are both dedicated to social justice work and have a passion for education. They are also the authors of a book that helps students set goals and achieve them. They have also launched their own production company, PeeK Productions.

Achievement and Honors

Pernell-Karl Subban is one of the most dynamic defensemen in the game. During the 2013-14 season, he scored 53 points and helped the Canadiens make the playoffs. He also won the Norris Trophy, which is given to the league’s best defenseman.

He’s a devoted family man, and is a big supporter of children’s hockey. He and his Montserrat-born wife Nastassia do everything they can to facilitate their sons’ hockey careers. Despite the fact that equipment is expensive, they help children through Hyundai Hockey Helpers, an organization that provides grants for registration and equipment fees.

In Nashville, he’s set up P.K’s Blue Line Buddies program where he takes two guests to each Predators home game, buys them dinner and meets with them afterward. The program has become a huge success.

Personal Life

While he was growing up, his parents Karl and Maria Subban taught their children that it’s important to give back to the community. They often took the family’s minivan to inner-city schools to volunteer, and they encouraged their children to do the same.

Subban is the first black player to play in the NHL since Willie O’Ree broke baseball’s color barrier in 1958. He started his career with the Belleville Bulls of the Ontario Hockey League, but he always wanted to play in Montreal.

Subban is known for his fashion sense. He has a clothing line and is one of the most well-dressed athletes in the NHL. He’s also active in charity work and has a strong sense of social responsibility. He even established a program that connects law enforcement officers and citizens.

Net Worth

PK Subban is one of the highest-paid players in the NHL, earning $9 million per year. He is a former member of the Montreal Canadiens and Hamilton Bulldogs before being traded to Nashville Predators in 2016. Subban is also active in philanthropy, and he has donated over 10 million dollars.

His wife, Nastassia, is a teacher and works at York University, where she directs course for teacher candidates. She also uses her visual arts expertise to engage students.

Subban’s dedication to his craft has made him a role model and an advocate for children with autism. He has launched his own philanthropic initiative, Blueline Buddies, which brings an underprivileged child to every home game of the Nashville Predators and takes care of their tickets, dinner, and other needs.

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