Natalie Prescott

Natalie Prescott-Smith

Natalie Prescott-Smith first gained notoriety as Dak Prescott, an American football quarterback playing with the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL). Since his professional football debut in 2016, Dak has won division championships and made two Pro Bowl appearances. Since his professional football debut, Natalie Prescott-Smith has become known as sister to Dak Prescott.

After her parents divorced when she was still young, Peggy raised all three kids as a single mother until her death from colon cancer on November 3, 2013. While raising them alone she worked as manager at a truck stop.

Early Life and Education

Natalie Prescott-Smith is the sister of American football quarterback Dak Prescott, who currently plays for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League (NFL). Natalie gained national media coverage upon Dak’s rise as an NFL star; he has won multiple division titles and made two Pro Bowl appearances during his tenure with Dallas.

Peggy raised three children as a single mother after her parents divorced when she was young, working at a truck stop manager before passing away from colon cancer on November 3, 2013.

At first glance, her childhood appears to have been richly fulfilling and enjoyable; however, she prefers remaining low-key and out of the spotlight; being shy herself, she prefers living her life quietly without becoming the subject of media speculation.

Professional Career

Natalie Prescott-Smith became well known when American football player Dak Prescott introduced her as his sister, garnering both public attention and respect due to their family circle.

Natalie’s father was arrested by troopers when they discovered him with marijuana during a traffic stop and released after posting $500 custody bond.

Natalie Prescott lost her mother Peggy Prescott to cancer on November 3, 2013. This tragedy has not stopped Natalie from continuing in her professional career; she still makes good money through NFL play and currently serves as starting quarterback of Dallas Cowboys, earning various accolades such as Offensive Rookie of the Year awards and honors for her achievements.

Achievement and Honors

Natalie Prescott Smith may not be as widely recognized as her brother, yet has kept a low profile despite becoming part of his famed family. Reportedly shy throughout her life and preferring not to live under the spotlight.

Natalie and her family are well-known to be close, and Natalie has been instrumental in his rise to stardom, attending many of his games as a fan.

Natalie Prescott is the oldest daughter of Nathaniel and Peggy Prescott and she serves as their matriarch. Natalie has three brothers named Dak, Tad, and Elliot as well as one half-brother named Elliot. Unfortunately, Natalie’s mother succumbed to colon cancer in November 2013. Unfortunately, Natalie and her family faced significant difficulties together following Jace Prescott’s suicide attempt in April 2020; it proved extremely hard for all involved to overcome such tragedy together.

Personal Life

Natalie Prescott-Smith is an amazingly gifted individual. Nevertheless, she prefers not to draw too much attention to herself and keeps a low profile. Additionally, she values keeping close with family – particularly American football quarterback Dak Prescott whom she has provided support since his professional football career started.

Sisters Dak and Maddy are an example of strong family ties. Their father Nathaniel has always been present and often can be found supporting Dak during his athletic endeavors.

Natalie Prescott has an unassuming half-brother named Elliot Prescott who remains relatively unseen. Natalie lost her mother Peggy due to colon cancer in November 2013.

Net Worth

Natalie Prescott-Smith has maintained a low profile for quite some time as she prefers leading a quiet life. She enjoyed an idyllic childhood thanks to the support of her family: Nathaniel Prescott worked as a truck driver while former mother Peggy raised all three of them as a single parent until her passing due to colon cancer on November 3rd 2013.

Elliot, her half-brother from her father’s previous marriage, is also part of their immediate family. Dak currently plays for the Dallas Cowboys as one of their most sought-after NFL players – estimated worth is $40 Million with numerous endorsements already secured since joining their roster back in 2016. Since 2016, Dak has become part of this dynamic team.

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