Native New Zealander Crossword Clue

Native New Zealander Crossword Answer

Native New Zealander is a crossword clue that has been spotted over 20 times. It has an easy background, but it can be tricky to solve. The good news is that there are many related clues that can help you solve this puzzle. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Maori are New Zealand’s indigenous inhabitants. They also live in the Society Islands and Cook Islands. These people are not to be confused with Maohi or Mauri, who are a different species. These people were New Zealand’s dominant culture in the past. Their culture is now spread all over the globe.

After many years of island-hopping in the South Pacific, the Maori people settled New Zealand. They settled the area and began building hillforts. As competition and warfare increased, the Maori people built more settlements. Eventually, their hillforts spread across the land, and the Maori people became the majority of New Zealand’s population.

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