New Balance Afo Shoes

New Balance AFo Shoes

New Balance is a leading brand of shoes for people with foot injuries, and they offer a variety of styles. The 991V2 Walking Shoe is a great option for people who are wearing an AFO brace. It features a lightweight, cushioned sole and an adjustable fit.

The Fresh Foam midsole was developed with cutting-edge material science and 3D motion captured pressure mapping. Its convex and concave geometry aims to provide optimal cushioning and stability. The result is a shoe that offers comfort and support to every foot. This shoe is a great option for those with foot problems or are looking for something that will improve their performance.

New Balance AFo shoes offer a cushioned and supportive midsole that provides the proper support for flat or sunken arches. You can easily swap out the insole for an orthotic for extra cushioning and support. The shoes are also lightweight, with an 8.6-ounce weight.

Many mainstream shoe brands now offer AFO-friendly shoes. They are adding different options so that it will be easier for AFO-wearers to put on and take off their shoes. This list isn’t complete, but it’s a start. Some of these shoes offer substantial outsoles that provide a supportive, stable base for the child’s medial arch. This minimizes impact on the child while on the ground and holds the AFO/SMO securely in place.

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