New Lots Ave Brooklyn Ny

New Lots Ave in Brooklyn, New York

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The neighborhood is characterized by poverty. It has an average per capita income that is below the average of 98.3% of other neighborhoods in the U.S. The number of children living in poverty is significantly higher than the national average. The New Lots Ave / Pennsylvania Ave neighborhood is home to some of the lowest-income neighborhoods in the U.S.

The community has an ethnically diverse population. Its residents are most likely to have Sub-Saharan African and Caribbean ancestry. It also has a higher percentage of people of Jamaican and Dominican descent than any other neighborhood in the U.S.

The commute length for people living in the New Lots Ave / Pennsylvania Ave neighborhood is about an hour and a half. That is less than the average commute in 99.8% of U.S. neighborhoods, according to NeighborhoodScout. This is a significant difference because many New Lots Ave / Pennsylvania Ave residents commute for work by train, bus, or bike.

In East New York’s New Lots neighborhood, a six-story mixed-use building with community facilities, a charter school, and commercial space has been approved for construction. The property is located at the intersection of New Lots Avenue and Van Siclen Avenue, just two blocks from the Van Siclen Avenue subway station. Its tax assessor’s market value is $504,000, and it includes five residential units and one commercial space.

The neighborhood is largely composed of medium-sized apartment buildings, high-rise apartments, and apartment complexes. The majority of the residential real estate is renter-occupied. The median real estate price on New Lots Ave / Pennsylvania Ave is $787,230. This is slightly more expensive than the average neighborhood in the U.S., but it is lower than the median rent in 51.8% of neighborhoods in the city.

If you want to live in an upscale neighborhood in Brooklyn, consider the New Lots Ave / Pennsylvania Ave neighborhood. The small apartment buildings in this neighborhood are unique in America. Almost seventy-one percent of the property is made up of small apartment buildings, making this a neighborhood that is unique in that regard.

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