New Mexico Starbucks Mug

New Mexico Starbucks Mug

A rare coffee mug from New Mexico is in high demand. This item is part of the City Mug Series and was produced in 1994. It features a twenty-ounce capacity and is designed as a collectible. Despite being a collector’s item, it was never used by its original buyer and remains in mint condition until this day. A recent auction for this item sold for $2,800 on eBay.

The mug has a design that depicts the state of New Mexico on the back. It also has an image of a Mexican-style home. The design is very pleasing to the eye. Moreover, it does not show any scratches, chips, cracks, or crazing.

Among collectors, Starbucks mugs are becoming more valuable. In fact, some of them can fetch as much as $12,000! The mugs with the most famous cartoon characters are considered the most expensive ones. Similarly, a mug with an image of a popular actor or actress is worth over $1,500.

The Zagreb Starbucks mug was originally meant to represent Croatia’s capital city. It was released as part of the Global Icon Series and has a capacity of 437 milliliters. It can be bought for up to $2,500 on eBay. Earlier, this item was not even sold by Starbucks. It was a prototype. It was released in 2009.

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