New Mexico Weather In April

New Mexico Weather in April

New Mexico weather in April is generally mild and consists of warm days and cool nights. Average temperatures are in the mid-thirties. During this time, rainfall is minimal, with only 3.9 inches of rain falling on average each day. There are about 22 dry days in April and only a few hours of snowfall.

The high mountains in northern New Mexico are best suited for skiers and snowboarders. Snow may make hiking difficult, so be sure to check the weather forecast before traveling. New Mexico weather in January and February are generally quite pleasant, although there are some notable exceptions to the trend. In early January, the temperature is usually above freezing. In February, wind speeds increase, making it difficult to hike, and the average temperature is 48degF (9degC) in Santa Fe. At higher altitudes, precipitation falls mostly as snow.

Santa Fe (New Mexico) experiences cold weather in April. The average temperature in april is 50degF. The maximum temperature in april is 61degF. The minimum is 38degF. There are seven days of april with temperatures below 32degF. April’s day length is 13:06 hours. Sunrise and sunset are at 05:31 and 18:37, respectively.

New Mexico weather in April varies widely. It is warmer and generally windier than any other month in the year. However, temperatures can be quite warm in the south, and the state sees a decrease in visitor numbers. Some higher elevations have snowfall in early April, so hiking is not recommended during this time.

The weather in northern New Mexico is pleasant during this time. Average highs in Santa Fe are 74degF (23degC), while lows are 42degF (5degC. There are a few afternoon thunderstorms, but they are rare. In southern New Mexico, temperatures are much hotter and sunny, with a slight decrease in wind speeds.

The climate in northern New Mexico is colder than in the southern part, where elevation rises steadily to 7,000 feet. Winters are mild with temperatures in the low to mid-thirties, and summers are warm with sun and plenty of snow for the ski resorts.

October is another month when temperatures are moderate. In northern New Mexico, temperatures are often mild and sunny. During October, temperatures in Santa Fe average 77degF (25degC). Snowfall is rare but can be spectacular. In southern New Mexico, however, temperatures are typically warmer and sunny, especially in the mountains.

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