New Mutants 98 Value

New Mutants #98 Value

New Mutants #98 is one of the most important comic books in recent history. Not only did it introduce the first Deadpool, but it also was the first time that the X-Men’s breakout hero made an appearance. Known today as Wade Wilson aka Deadpool, the character has since enjoyed a solo career in comics and is even rumored to be a part of the upcoming X-Men Orgins: Wolverine feature film.

New Mutants #98 has become an extremely sought-after comic book. It contains the first appearance of Deadpool and is graded CGC at 10.0. As a result, its value has increased dramatically. If you’re planning to purchase a New Mutants comic, you’ll want to look into how many copies are available and what their values are. The number of copies of New Mutants #98 is based on the graded copy.

New Mutants #87 and 98 are two issues in the series that have higher values than their series’ averages. Both issues have become Hot 100 items, and New Mutants #98 is currently up to $1200. But the issue that sticks in the middle is the CGC 9.8 variant.

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