New Ork Boyz

New Ork Boyz

New Ork Boyz are a set of plastic figures that feature a variety of weapons and are able to attack your opponents from a variety of directions. You can also create musicians, orc standard bearers, orc bosses, and even orc bosses using the 130 parts included with the set. These models also feature 10 25mm Square Closed Bases.

The new Ork Boyz are made from plastic and come from the Ork Combat Patrol box. This set includes a new box art featuring the Ork Boyz. These plastic figures have yet to be painted or built, but they are new and come on a sprue with bases. They are a fun way to add some color to your collection.

New Ork Boyz also have a different way of playing. They are more arrogant and will laugh at the casualties of their less heavily-armored comrades. These ‘Ardboyz’ are also regarded as dangerous individuals and may have become addicted to their power.

The ‘Ard Boyz are a common force among Orks, but their unique characteristics make them distinct from other Ork units. For instance, their ‘Eavy Armour’ protects them from small arms fire, making them excellent infantry. In addition, they’re also equipped with Stikkbombz, which they can use to destroy their enemies. These soldiers are grouped in a Mob and will be led by a ‘Nob’ who serves as the leader.

Shoota Boyz enjoy shooting and ranged combat. Their automatic rifles are not much larger than their counterparts, but they’re very deadly. The Shoota Boyz’s favorite weapon is the Shoota, which can shoot a solid shot. As far as combat goes, these orks are not afraid of a fight.

The Mekboy is another form of the Ork boy. This unit has a unique steed and massive twin-linked Big Shootas and Dakkaguns. These vehicles are essential for the Orks, and the Mekboyz often serve as technicians. Moreover, some Mekboyz are considered “Big Meks,” and they lead groups of lesser Mekboyz armed with Greenskin equipment and Kombi-Weapons.

The Runtherdz also have an interesting sub-group called Flyboyz. They are a sub-cult of Speed Freeks. They have an irrational desire to fly, and their flight instincts make them unique among Orks. They can be dangerous and clumsy at the same time.

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