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Nick Sandler – A Comedic Actor and Real Estate Investor

Nick Sandler is co-founder and President of Stonebriar Commercial Finance, an originator, owner, and servicer of lease and secured loan assets. Additionally, he sits on the boards for Flexjet Aviation Training and Simcom Aviation Training.

“Punch Drunk Love” showed an unexpected depth to his performance – one which revealed an anger hidden underneath his usual comedic flair and celebrity cameos.

Early Life and Education

Sandler used his comic talent to keep his friends laughing in his early years before enrolling at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts for acting studies.

Sandler first made his mark as a regular on an MTV game show before being invited to join Saturday Night Live as one of its cast members, where his talents gained him international acclaim and ultimately led to film roles.

He established Happy Madison Productions in 1999 and immediately began producing films under that label. He became well known for casting fellow “SNL” cast members in his movies; such as Jennifer Aniston in ‘Just Go With It” and later starring alongside her again in 2022’s “Hustle”. Additionally, he provided voice work as Dracula in Hotel Transylvania franchise films.

Professional Career

Nick Sandler has found great success since 2015 as co-founder and partner to fellow agent Bennett Hirsch in Los Angeles’ real estate market, selling multimillion-dollar homes from Malibu to Beverly Hills.

Sandler made his big screen debut in Billy Madison, playing an ambitious young man determined to repeat grades 1-12 to win over his father’s approval. This film became a box office hit and lead Sandler to found Happy Madison Productions in 1999.

Prior to joining Guggenheim, Sandler served as an analyst and portfolio manager for a private investment firm in Hong Kong. Additionally, he co-founded Public Insight and served as special assistant to former California Governor Gray Davis. Today he serves on the boards of Flexjet, Simcom Aviation Training and Stonebriar Commercial Finance.

Personal Life

Sandler comes from a long line of real estate professionals; his grandfather founded a California brokerage firm. Today, he sits on the board of Stonebriar Commercial Finance and serves as President of SCF Aviation Capital, which offers leasing and financing solutions for owners, operators, dealers, manufacturers of business aircraft. Additionally, he co-founded Public Insight LP and Dewey Square Group as principals. Before this he served as managing director at Guggenheim Partners where he headed up its Business Aircraft Investment division as well as being part of their Corporate Credit Group – previously serving Guggenheim Partners managed his investments head of Business Aircraft investments as part of Guggenheim Partners where he served as head of Business Aircraft Investments before leaving Guggenheim Partners where he served as head of Business Aircraft Investments while acting head of Business Aircraft Investments within Guggenheim’s Corporate Credit Group before leaving Guggenheim’s Corporate Credit Group was formed in 2011.

He’s also been actively engaged in charity and philanthropy, most notably supporting the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital and Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation as prominent beneficiaries. Additionally, his wife Jackie and him have become close with Jennifer Aniston after appearing alongside each other in many of his films.

Net Worth

Sandler has gained international renown as a comedic actor. He has appeared in multiple popular movies such as Billy Madison, Eight Crazy Nights, The Waterboy, Big Daddy 50 First Dates and Grown Ups as well as writing and producing films through Happy Madison Productions.

Sandler has established himself as one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars over his 30-year career, appearing in films that have grossed more than $27 billion worldwide and ranking among the 10 highest-grossing actors of all time.

He has recently ventured into producing and writing, broadening his reach as an entertainer. One of his latest endeavors has been his lucrative Netflix deal which saw him star in two wildly successful basketball dramas (Hustle & Spaceman).

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