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Nikki Sapp – Multi-Talentaled Woman

Nikki Sapp is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and wellness champion. From 2005 to 2008 she danced on the Miami Heat dance team. Furthermore she served as director at Guy Hepner Contemporary Art Gallery in West Hollywood California before teaching language arts to middle school students in Florida.

Early Life and Education

Nikki Sapp is best known as being married to NBA head coach Erik Spoelstra and as being an author and podcaster; her show The Know with Nikki Spo covers topics including sobriety, motherhood, entrepreneurship and health.

Sapp began dancing as a child, encouraged by her parents. After attending Miami International University on a full scholarship and earning her degree in fashion design, Sapp worked as the art director at Guy Heppner Contemporary Art Gallery in West Hollywood, California.

She met Spoelstra while still with the Heat and they married in 2016. Together they have three children together: Santiago, Dante, and Ruby. Sapp has spoken openly about her sobriety journey on her podcast.

Professional Career

Nikki Sapp is a businesswoman, podcast host, dancer and teacher based out of Miami Heat (National Basketball Association). Additionally she taught language arts to middle schoolers in South Florida during her professional dancing career.

She earned a full scholarship to Miami International University of Art and Design and graduated with a degree in fashion design.

She began her podcast in 2021. Guests on it discussed topics ranging from childhood trauma, sexual abuse, and self-abuse; additionally she invited Lauren Book, the Florida senator who established a charity organization for sexually abused children after experiencing it herself as a child, to come on the program.

Achievement and Honors

Nikki Sapp has made quite the impression in her professional career. She earned a spot on the Miami Heat dance team before becoming a teacher in South Florida; teaching language arts to middle schoolers she excelled at her job.

Santiago arrived in March 2018, followed by Dante in December 2019. They tied the knot in 2016.

Nikki Sapp possesses the Life Path Number 5, which signifies she is resourceful and ambitious. She works hard towards meeting her goals while possessing an in-depth knowledge of herself and herself as well. Nikki Spo has made strides throughout her life; in 2021 she created The Know With Nikki Spo a podcast where she interviews noteworthy women while discussing topics related to parenting, business and sobriety.

Personal Life

Nikki Sapp is an accomplished and versatile individual who excels in numerous areas of endeavor. Her talents span dancer, teacher, art director and podcast host – not to mention former wife Erik Spoelstra of Miami Heat basketball coach fame!

At 18 she began dancing at Heat games and met Spoelstra during this time. Additionally she taught language arts classes to children in Florida before working as director at Guy Hepner Contemporary Art Gallery in West Hollywood after graduation.

She exemplifies hard work ethic and is driven to pursue her goals with determination. She’s street smart, having learned how to save money from an early age. She serves as an example for other women and an inspiration to her followers.

Net Worth

Nikki Sapp Spoelstra, an accomplished professional dancer and teacher who has made her mark in the arts world, stands as an impressive testament of determination and hard work. Her journey from dancer to entrepreneur and influencer speaks for itself.

She serves as director for the Guy Hepner Contemporary Art Gallery located in West Hollywood, California and also hosts podcasts and has multiple social media accounts.

Erik Spoelstra, her former spouse, currently coaches the Miami Heat NBA team. Due to her philanthropic activities and resilience under harassment, she has earned respect from both fans and opponents alike.

Sapp stands 5 feet 4 inches and weighs approximately 70 kilos or 154 pounds, boasting an alluring physique with stunning hazel eyes and lean, appealing proportions.

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