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Noah Lindsey Beery Jr (August 10, 1913 – November 1, 1994) was an American actor best known for playing warm, friendly character roles similar to those portrayed by his Oscar-winning uncle Wallace Beery. However, unlike his more celebrated relative, Beery Jr rarely ventured beyond supporting roles.

He first appeared alongside John Wayne in the 1934 film, The Trail Beyond. Later he would play Burt Reynolds’ father on NBC TV series Riverboat during its early 1960s run.

Early Life and Education

Noah Beery Jr was born in New York City to actors; both his father, Noah Beery Sr, was an accomplished stage actor and silent film star.

Noah moved with his family west to Hollywood in 1915, making his film debut at seven in Douglas Fairbanks’s version of The Mark of Zorro with him playing his father as Zorro.

He continued acting mainly character roles in Westerns for the remainder of his career, serving as both second lead and amicable sidekick roles.

He returned to thrilling cliffhangers in 1941’s Riders of Death Valley (with Dick Foran, Buck Jones and Charles Bickford). Later he played hero Bill Blake on Riverboat in 1960 before portraying veteran scout Buffalo on Hondo in 1967.

Professional Career

Noah Beery Jr is a highly esteemed American actor best known for playing James Garner’s character’s father on NBC television show The Rockford Files; as well as having an extensive theatre career.

Beery was well known for his rich, carrying voice and rugged good looks that made him ideal for playing Western roles in silent and sound films before his untimely demise in 1934.

Beery made his first film appearance alongside John Wayne in 1934’s The Trail Beyond as J. A. Marsden, the villainous character he played as an antagonist determined to take over the California-Yucatan Railroad by any means necessary. Gently bamboozling both heroes and henchmen alike while audaciously double-crossing everyone he could see, J. A. Marsden was an ideal representation of a classic Beery villain: crafty yet amusing; both humorous yet often pitiable.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Beery was an esteemed character actor of the silent and early sound eras and the elder brother of Academy Award-winner Wallace Beery, becoming known for playing supporting roles that often included being pals for heroes as well as occasionally taking lead roles – yet never achieved star status like his more powerful relative did.

He also established himself as an expert in western sculpture. He created figures such as Geronimo and General Custer for auction several times.

On November 1st 1994 at 81 years of age, Noah Nicholas Beery passed away and was laid to rest at Forest Lawn Memorial Park. He is survived by his wife Virginia Grey and three daughters; Bucklind Beery himself also works as an actor; Noah Nicholas Beery passed away in 1913.

Personal Life

Noah Beery Jr was an American actor whose career spanned more than 100 films. Born to Oscar Award winner Wallace Beery and James Garner’s character on The Rockford Files, his face became familiar to TV viewers who knew his son from The Rockford Files.

He was an in-demand character actor, known for playing warm, friendly roles similar to those portrayed by his uncle Wallace Beery. However, he would occasionally portray villainous roles because “villainy is its own reward”.

He married twice: first to actress Maxine Jones and later the daughter of cowboy star Buck Jones; both marriages produced two children before he passed away at 81 years of age in 1994. Here’s a digitalized version of an article from The Times’ print archive prior to being moved online: this was converted using our OCR system.

Net Worth

Noah Beery Jr has amassed an estimated net worth of $92 Million as an actor, having appeared in over 120 films.

Homely actor who looked much like both his father and Oscar-winning uncle Wallace Beery first made his screen debut as a child actor in Douglas Fairbanks’ 1920 silent film The Mark of Zorro. Later, he went on to star in numerous westerns and serials where he often served as sidekicks to heroes.

He gradually evolved into more friendly supporting roles, becoming a favorite of directors like Howard Hawks and Billy Wilder. Additionally, he played James Garner’s father on The Rockford Files television series from 1970s. Finally, in his final years he married Buck Jones’ daughter; together they had three daughters including one who also became an actor.

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