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Celebrity Profile – Noah Brown

Noah Brown generously gifted 19 acres of original prairie to Missouri Prairie Foundation (NPF). Reconstructing its native terrain is currently underway.

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Early Life and Education

Noah has experienced many milestones throughout his life, from celebrating a child’s first paycheck to experiencing loved ones reaching adulthood, all the way to his own accomplishments as an entrepreneur.

At 16 years old, he entered Yale College. It was an exciting time – the Boston Tea Party had just occurred, the Coercive Acts had passed into law and shots had rang out across Lexington and Concord.

Noah Brown’s Prairie is a 19-acre parcel of original unplowed prairie within MPF’s Carver Prairie and Diamond Grove Conservation and Natural Area, acquired in 2017 to ensure its protection in perpetuity as part of Daintree Rainforest-Wet Tropics World Heritage Reserve.

Professional Career

As an attorney in practice, Noah Galton possesses extensive expertise in complex litigation. He has experience handling commercial real estate, land use, eminent domain, energy, government/sovereign immunity cases in both federal and state court and has prosecuted many lawsuits to jury verdict.

He holds a Bachelor’s of Design and Environmental Analysis from Cornell University and has experience as a landscape architect on projects ranging from golf courses and other commercial properties to residential.

Noah enjoys exploring South Florida during his free time. He takes advantage of its sunny weather to play basketball or swim at local gyms; he also volunteers at numerous community events; even organizing fundraising efforts on their behalf! Noah shows incredible dedication in his work.

Achievement and Honors

Noah has an undying commitment to serving others and helping families. His work as a real estate agent specializes in serving those looking for farm land located throughout Central Iowa.

Noah joined forces with Judson Powell, another local artist, to produce an assemblage art piece inspired by the Watts Towers uprising of 1965 and entitled 66 Signs of Neon, which has traveled throughout many U.S. cities since 1966.

In December 2021, the Blanton Museum of Art at University of Texas Austin acquired Noah’s monumental work Restoration as one of 12 pieces from contemporary Black artists recently purchased by them. Additionally, Noah was named an AGU Fellow and received William Kaula Award.

Personal Life

Noah lived through both the joy and sorrow of high school graduations as well as watching family members succumb to Alzheimer’s. Additionally, he witnessed his children get married, get their first paychecks, and start raising their own families.

Though well-known, Noah remains relatively anonymous; much of his artwork addresses social issues. Combining sculpture and painting techniques, much of Noah’s artwork features recycled objects like bicycle wheels, train tracks, old refrigerators and other scraps in its compositions.

Purifoy’s assemblage art can be seen throughout his home in California’s desert region, where visitors can stroll freely among his creations. Sue Welsh, Secretary of the Noah Purifoy Foundation which oversees his open-air studio gallery and museum described him as soft-spoken yet philosophical; well connected in the high desert arts community.

Net Worth

Noah Brown is best-known for appearing on Discovery reality series Alaskan Bush People as Ami Brown’s youngest son and is often recognized for his DIY handiwork on screen. Additionally, he has made appearances in other shows like The Family Business and No Shame TV.

He currently specializes in real estate sales in Central Iowa and sells farmland through Noah Acres, helping families handle estate sales or sell row crop land.

Zillow estimates that Wyle is worth an estimated $25 Million. He appeared as Dr. Ben Carson on ER from 1994-2009, as well as other films and theatre productions. Wyle owns property both in Los Angeles and Solvang.

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