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Celebrity Profile – Noah Cer

Noah has appeared as an expert in art history and crime on numerous radio and TV programs, museums and TED talks.

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Early Life and Education

Noah is best-known for his part in the biblical Flood narrative. Obeying God’s orders, he labored tirelessly to build an Ark and save himself, his family, and all land animals from extinction during a global catastrophe known as the Great Flood. After this event had subsided, God made a covenant with Noah promising that no more planet Earth destruction would take place due to human activity.

At an after-school youth center, he performed many functions such as cooking snacks, keeping attendance records, running billiards tournaments and teaching music production classes. It was during this time that Noah earned his undergraduate degree at George Washington University in Washington DC.

Noah made an early case for employing empirical social science methods when conducting comparative education studies of Soviet education systems. As coauthor of both “Toward a Science of Comparative Education” and “Scientific Investigations in Comparative Education”, both published during the 1960s.

Professional Career

Noah brings global experience from working for companies such as ABC, Caltech and Sony Imageworks. He has overseen development on new products spanning television shows, films and games through to SaaS offerings for sports teams and telecom services.

He is a Meisner trained actor, with expertise in both modern and heightened language text as well as body/mind work. His goal is to help others better comprehend life through art.

Noah serves as Director of Career Services at Purdue University and manages a team of professionals that provide full gamut career services for undergraduate, graduate, alumni and community members. In addition, he acts as University Faculty Expert while cultivating relationships between employers and alumni to expand opportunities for Purdue students.

Achievement and Honors

Since 2010, Noah has enthusiastically participated in school-sponsored and family-initiated service activities that benefit people of all ages. From serving as an assistant at local schools and mental health facilities; collecting clothing items to benefit Veterans; cleaning public spaces; to volunteering his services in multiple ways to help build community resilience – Noah is dedicated to giving back.

Noah has also kept himself busy, serving on GHS’s Choral Tide vocal group and Beta Club, playing varsity football and basketball, while maintaining Honor Roll and Dean’s High Honors List grades. MECU is honored to award him their November Star Student honor – this special recognition includes a certificate, $100 cash award and MECU swag bag – making this recognition truly deserving!

Personal Life

Noah is a practicing attorney advising both public and private clients on commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, securities law compliance, corporate governance issues and general corporate affairs. With particular interest in public policy’s impact on marginalized communities and using econometric models to analyze them. Furthermore, Noah engages in community organizing as well as having experience in social work.

Noah is currently working on repurposing a drug to treat other cancers, and hopes to discover additional patient-centric research opportunities. He believes every patient is unique and should be treated accordingly. Noah is passionate about helping people; in his free time he enjoys cycling, producing music and participating in local communities – not to mention being married with two daughters!

Net Worth

Noah boasts a substantial wealth of assets and possesses an estimated net worth of around $2 Million. As an actor in many films and TV shows, Noah is widely respected around the globe.

He has established himself in the industry with an outstanding career that has garnered several accolades and awards. Furthermore, he is an exceptional singer and boasts an extremely popular TikTok account with millions of followers.

Noah is also very active with other activities and boasts an extremely successful sustainability-based snacking company. Noah has many dreams and goals for himself in life and works hard towards realising them all; having such an amazingly supportive family makes this even easier for him to do.

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