Noah Ratner

Noah Ratner – An Acting Coach and a USDF Region 6 Director

Noah Ratner serves as both USDF Region 6 Director and General Manager of DevonWood Equestrian in Oregon – one of the region’s premier dressage event and training facilities – as well as acting instructor to both experienced actors as well as ambitious emerging performers. Additionally, he provides acting lessons to both.

He has testified before Congress, while his comment and research has been featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Atlantic Monthly, National Interest Magazine and Foreign Policy magazine.

Early Life and Education

Dennis and Phillip Ratner made a promise as children growing up in northwest Washington: If they became successful businessmen, they would give something “smashing” back to the community. Now, as successful businesspeople themselves, they have opened the $2 Million Dennis and Phillip Ratner Museum, a 7,000 square-foot collection of sculptures, tapestries, paintings, children’s books depicting characters and stories from the Hebrew Bible.

Noah Ratner of Guilford Quakers junior golf is determined to make a name for himself as a golfer. According to his coach, Noah Ratner is currently leading Division III and one of the most promising young golfers nationwide.

At the 62nd Skyview Open in Oregon last Thursday, he took an important step forward by posting a 6-under 66 and sharing the lead with four others. Next week he faces another strong field at Gordin Division III NCAA Preview in Eugene.

Professional Career

Ratner previously worked as deputy national security advisor in Vice President Joe Biden’s office and has also served as professional staff on both Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Office of Chinese and Mongolian Affairs of U.S. Department of State. In addition, he has testified before Congress and written extensively on China policy.

Noah Ratner won the pro division at Asheville Municipal Golf Course’s 61st Skyview Open thanks to steady nerves and some luck on Thursday. Ratner trailed by two shots after the opening round but cut that deficit down to just one by the final round’s end.

Ratner was named the 2016 Conference Player of the Year with 22 birdies over two rounds – besting Asheville’s Greg Parker by one stroke!

Achievement and Honors

Ben is well-recognized in Vancouver as an acting coach, boasting a long list of students eager to enroll in his in-demand classes. Additionally, he teaches online and produces an award-winning acting podcast. Ben founded Haven Studio in Mount Pleasant as an intensive acting school offering courses tailored towards experienced professional actors as well as up-and-coming performers.

On the golf course, he holds the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) men’s golf title and earned First Team All-ODAC honors two consecutive years. Additionally, he set Guilford’s all-time career total yards record during his junior season and currently stands as its holder.

Steadfast nerves and some hard work helped him claim victory at Asheville Muni in the Skyview Open pro division for a second straight year, just two strokes back after round 1. During Thursday’s final round he closed that gap by one stroke to claim first place overall.

Personal Life

Noah Ratner is not only a skilled professional but an enthusiastic equestrian as well as USDF Region 6 Director and manages DevonWood Equestrian Center with his family. With years of experience running horse competitions and board meetings, he brings both passion and expertise into his roles.

The story of one couple is captivating and compelling, even though no explanation for why or how they tied the knot so soon is offered in this film. Conversely, two other couples’ tales are quite two-dimensional.

Dennis and Phillip Ratner made a promise as teenagers that when they became successful businesspeople, they would give back to Washington area communities. True to their word this year by opening the $2 Million Dennis and Phillip Ratner Museum with sculptures, paintings, tapestries depicting Bible stories and characters – visitors are encouraged to touch these artworks!

Net Worth

Haven Studio in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood provides highly popular acting classes to both established actors and aspiring performers, drawing many top professionals. He uses the name Immanuel Ratner in order to avoid confusion with director Brett Ratner – someone whom he does not share any familial ties with.

He has produced such films as Above the Rim, Dumb and Dumberer, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Secondhand Lions, Wedding Crashers, Snakes on a Plane, Semi-Pro, Hairspray Rush Hour 2 Austin Powers in Goldmember as well as many others.

He founded and serves on the Board of New York Cares, an organization with offshoot programs in every major American city. Additionally, he owns shares of the Brooklyn Nets NBA team.

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