Noah Rombough

Noah Rombough – A Computer Science Major Who Lost His Arm in a Workplace Accident

Noah Rombough, a computer science major at Stevens Institute of Technology, lost his arm in an industrial accident last month. Since then, however, he has faced many new obstacles; but his resilience and spirit of perseverance shine brightly through it all.

Chad Edwards decided to start from the back in his Heat Race, leaving Rombough in control for 15-lap battle.

Early Life and Education

Noah Rombough, a graduate of West Essex High School and computer science major at Stevens Institute of Technology. Recently involved in an accident which resulted in his left arm being amputated from below the elbow to shoulder; his family are providing overwhelming support throughout this difficult period.

Noah showed an excellent display of character when he looked directly into the eyes of his family after learning his arm would need amputating, asking if everyone was OK before making decisions for himself. This action speaks volumes about who he is; always thinking of others before himself.

Other West Essex students to present projects at Monday’s meeting included Leigha Capra, Miles Feldstein, Ryan Hinchcliffe and Noah Rombough.

Professional Career

Noah Rombough is an enthusiastic computer science major with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. He always puts others before himself and has shown incredible strength during difficult times.

Rombough started from the front row of his first Heat Race with Robert Bublak to his outside, quickly taking control from the start and never looking back as he won and earned himself a slot in Sunday’s 75-lap feature race.

He has also gained valuable skills through internships at local companies. These experiences will assist him in his future career endeavors.

Achievement and Honors

Rombough was consistently named to the honor roll during his three years at West Essex Senior High School, as well as receiving numerous awards and recognitions such as Gold Key award, AP Scholar with Distinction award, West Essex Senior High School Alumni Association Scholarship award and membership in independent study program of his school.

No matter his challenges, Noah remains committed to prioritizing family and others before himself. He and his family remain grateful for all of the love and support they have received so far; knowing that as some doors close others will open.

Personal Life

Noah is not only an exceptional student but is also an inspiring young man who puts others before himself. His commitment to family and friends shines through as he faces new challenges with courage and optimism.

Starting third in the first Heat Race and with Chevy Performance 75 polesitter Matt Janczuk just outside, Rombough quickly rose through the ranks to take control of his heat race at the drop of green to secure a spot in Sunday’s 75-lap main event. Unfortunately for Noah though, this victory may only mark his beginning; further surgeries and skin grafting will likely be required in order for him to fully recover from his injuries.

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