Noah Sherrill

Noah Sherrill – A Catawba College Senior

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The jury heard two statements purportedly made by Wheeler at the scene that do not address whether he knew Officer Sherrill was alive prior to firing his shot.

Early Life and Education

Noah Sherrill attended Sewanee where he played on both soccer and track teams as well as running track. Additionally, he joined Phi Gamma Delta sorority and studied music – even joining Black Hills Gold Choir during this time period. Music had always been an integral part of his life.

Wheeler was shot, subdued and taken to the hospital. One of the officers’ guns fell from its holster during this struggle, which allowed Wheeler to grab it and begin firing upon them until eventually Wheeler subdued them and subdued him for arrest.

Wheeler was ultimately charged and sentenced to death by the State of Mississippi, represented by Kennie E Middleton and Glenn L White. On appeal he was found innocent; therefore his case has been submitted for further review at the Supreme Court of the United States.

Professional Career

Sherrill graduated from Tate High School in Cantonment, Florida in 2022 and went on to win three-year letters in football, basketball and lacrosse at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Additionally he participated in track and field competition and held NCAA Division II national title in long jump.

Sherill has been honored with this year’s Marie Sapp, RN Award, which recognizes CMC employees who demonstrate outstanding mentoring abilities for new nurses as well as professional conduct that goes above and beyond their normal job responsibilities. Nominated by her colleagues in Telemetry, Sherill earned this accolade.

Sherill has over two decades of experience in marketing, product management and customer service across a range of industries. Since 2015, Sherill has led NOAH Certified’s marketing and branding efforts for third-party inspection and certification services for tiny homes on wheels.

Achievement and Honors

Catawba College students were recently honored for their achievements and honors. Students received both Paul Fisher Service Scholarship Awards for their commitment and service in their communities as well as Sherrill & Smith Accounting Scholarships that recognize academic excellence as well as dedication in the field.

Sherrill led his baseball team in hits and stolen bases while leading them in runs scored, earning all-region honors as well as being honored with being included on the Atlantic Coast Conference Academic Honor Roll.

Twenty23 Phi Kappa Phi members received the Sherrill Carlson Fellowship. This prestigious fellowship honoring former Washington State University chapter president Sherrill Carlson was bestowed upon them this year, awarded to those ranked first among nominees within each discipline. Chiagoziem Ejindu received the Arete Prize in Philosophy which recognizes outstanding philosophical growth and engagement; both awards went out this year.

Personal Life

Personal Description of Isabel: Isabel was an attentive mother to two sons. In addition, she enjoyed reading, music and gardening as hobbies – spending her free time doing so alongside family.

Paul H Sherrill leaves behind her beloved husband Paul H Sherrill; two sons Noah and Brandon Sherrill of Asheville; brothers Ronald Young-Bowie Jeremy of Asheville and Hazel Young-Bowie of Beckley WV; sisters Phynese Sherrill from Asheville; Trisha Phillips Chris from Raleigh and Betty Banner in Detroit as well as grandchildren and many nieces and nephews to remember her by.

On September 21, 2021, this case was brought before a plea hearing and Assistant United States Attorney Elizabeth R Rabe represented the Government while Chase Mallory appeared for the defendant. A plea agreement was accepted by the Court; and defendant is likely to serve six years of incarceration.

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