Noah Stevens

Noah Stevens

Noah Stevens is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist composer currently studying at Montclair State University. He composes music that seeks to explore new sounds and evoke emotion within listeners; playing instruments like the viola, bass guitar piano and guitar as part of small chamber ensembles and performing in small ensembles such as underStaffed or le Maines a deux (bass/viola duos).

Early Life and Education

Noah was raised in Reading, PA and attended public school there. An avid reader and writer since early on, Noah also participated in various theatre productions.

He has performed as a soloist for viola, piano, bass guitar and various chamber ensembles in NYC and elsewhere. Additionally, he co-founded le maines a deux in New York to showcase contemporary or under-performed music.

Stevens first published poems in two modest periodicals: Trend and Harriet Monroe’s Poetry. Following these early literary efforts, he became involved with Harvard student magazine the Advocate, then its successor the Harvard Monthly; eventually becoming its editor in 1900. Stevens used Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction to examine poetry’s nature while echoing philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in insisting “evil is necessary for imagination”. Furthermore, abstract forms must be explored within poetry as an abstraction is essential.

Professional Career

Noah stands out in this business due to his attention to detail, honesty and integrity – qualities which clients and colleagues appreciate immensely. They particularly value his direct approach and ability to connect with people in ways which makes them feel at ease.

Noah loves nothing better than to spend his free time playing baseball or running outdoors in the sun. Additionally, he is an avid movie and music lover so chances are good you’ll find him making beats on his drum machine or attending concerts frequently.

Noah is an award-winning composer specializing in writing for voice, viola, bass guitar, piano guitar and small chamber ensembles. His performances can be heard at venues including Merkin Hall, Bohemian National Hall of NYC and Brooklyn Art Haus. Noah is also one of the founding members of underStaffed: an NYC ensemble dedicated to performing new or under-played music.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Stevens is an esteemed multi-instrumentalist, composer and performer renowned throughout New York City and beyond for his solo and ensemble performances at venues including Merkin Hall, Carnegie Hall, Bohemian National Hall of NYC Brooklyn Art Haus Kasser Theatre – just to name a few. Additionally he founded underStaffed Chamber Orchestra as well as le maines a deux a bass/viola duo dedicated to performing lesser known music at concerts.

Trevor Noah is a South African comedian, writer, producer, actor and political commentator best known as an Emmy Award nominee and celebrated host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central since September 2015 when he replaced long-term host Jon Stewart as Senior International Correspondent. Since taking up this position he has earned wide critical acclaim as well as passionate response from audiences worldwide.

Personal Life

Noah Stevens leads an active life and enjoys engaging in various hobbies. These include playing sports, working with youth and watching movies. Noah also possesses a keen passion for music as evidenced by playing drums, piano guitar and viola instruments among many others.

He has worked at the Boys & Girls Club for eight years as both Site Coordinator and Youth Sports Development Coordinator, taking great pleasure in helping children become caring, productive and responsible citizens.

He is currently a member of both the underStaffed chamber orchestra and le maines a deux, a bass/viola duo devoted to playing new or neglected works. They have performed in venues like Merkin Hall, Carnegie Hall and Kasser Theatre and enjoy rock climbing in his free time along with studying German language.

Net Worth

Noah is an exceptionally gifted actor and pianist, earning him great wealth through acting. He has appeared in countless movies and TV series such as Code Black and Miss Stevens; his acting skills continue to impress fans; furthermore, his gorgeous personality makes him immensely appealing to women.

Talented musician has made his mark in the music industry with his unique and soulful songs, serving as proof that music can bring people together.

As for his personal life, he remains very private about it, refusing to disclose information regarding past or current relationships and his sexuality (it hasn’t yet been confirmed either way), although it appears he may have his own way of handling issues that set him apart from others.

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