Oliva Ashtray

Oliva Ashtray

The Oliva Ashtray is an essential addition to any cigar smoker’s accessory collection, featuring four cigar rests and made of glossy melamine that looks great while remaining easy to clean.

Ashtrays are essential accessories for every cigar smoker. During a tasting session, these trays help contain your cigar wisps so they don’t end up falling on the floor or your clothing and ruining it all for you!

Early Life and Education

Oliva cigars have garnered numerous 90+ ratings and been honored as Top 25 Cigars year after year, proving boutique brilliance meets approachable pricing. Furthermore, they boast a selection of top-quality accessories designed to enhance cigar enjoyment.

The square brown melamine Oliva Ashtray holds four cigar rests and is easy to clean – the perfect present for any cigar enthusiast and great looking in both man cave and patio settings.

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Professional Career

Melamine material is easily maintained, making this table suitable for man cave, patio, or picnic tables. Furthermore, four cigar rests and an elegant leather-like lid provide additional protection for cigars from weather-induced damage.

Alec’s dedication and work ethic led to him being named Warehouse Manager, providing him with an opportunity to learn from some of the industry’s greatest minds. Every day in Oliva Miami Lakes warehouse he stocks orders before delivering them directly.

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Achievement and Honors

Oliva cigars have long been recognized by Cigar Aficionado as top 25 cigars, earning multiple 90+ ratings from other publications. Now comes their Serie V 135th Anniversary Edicion Limitada perfecto featuring an unusual tapered foot cap.

This stylish yet robust ashtray is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, featuring four individual cigar rests to provide optimal conditions. Add it to your home or man cave and you’re sure to impress fellow cigar enthusiasts. Crafted from hardwearing melamine material for easy maintenance and scratch resistance.

Personal Life

Add a stylish Oliva ashtray to your man cave, picnic table or front porch and show the world you smoke only quality cigars! Crafted from glossy melamine material for easy maintenance and cleaning purposes. Boasting more than sixty 90+ ratings and annual Top 25 Cigar honors from Cigar Aficionados worldwide, Oliva blends boutique brilliance with cigar affordability in this square brown 4 cigar ashtray featuring four cigar rests as well as the Oliva logo in gold color – made in USA with lifetime guarantee coverage!

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