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Ash wood is a light to medium brown hardwood that features striking contrasts of dark and light tones, making it relatively straightforward for both hand and machine tools to work on easily. Furthermore, its pores absorb stain well for stain-and-finish applications.

Olive Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) refers to the darker heartwood of European ash trees which is similar to true olive wood and used as decorative veneer. It can also be found used for turning blanks.

Early Life and Education

As communities grapple with an outbreak of Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), a devasting insect responsible for killing millions of ash trees worldwide, communities are taking measures to preserve healthy trees. Tree removal can be expensive and pose safety risks; treatments could include injecting or soil drenching systemic insecticides; however these treatments could have adverse side effects on pollinators and other nontarget organisms.

Wright State University biology professor Don Cipollini and environmental sciences Ph.D. student Donnie Peterson have discovered that an invasive beetle responsible for widespread destruction of American Ashwood can also feed and complete its life cycle on stems of Manzanilla olive trees, two closely related varieties belonging to Oleaceae family (Olive Ash refers to darker streaked heartwood found within some Ash logs that resembles that found on Mediterranean Olive trees).

Professional Career

Olive offers its employees an opportunity to develop professionally through various programs and initiatives, including mentorships and development opportunities. Furthermore, the company encourages a healthy work-life balance in order to promote employee health and wellness.

Olive ash burl veneer is beloved among woodworkers due to its captivating patterns of swirling threads of dark color atop a light background layer. Additionally, this wood is considered moderately hard and coarse in texture so as to accept finishes and stains easily.

Olive ash grows across Europe, particularly in western regions, and is harvested for both its heartwood and veneer logs. Veneer logs typically range in color from creamy-white to pale tan with some logs having darker brown heartwood for added visual interest when cut; crown cut and quarter cut veneers are available.

Personal Life

Olive ash wood is an exquisite, hard, and beautiful wood that is revered for its distinctive coloring and eye-catching patterns. Olive ash has proven itself a highly durable hardwood that’s easy to work with both hands and machines alike.

Ash trees are widespread across northern temperate Europe. Prized for its decorative heartwood that blends warm treacle tones with darker ribbons of dense brown hues, Olive Ash wood is often misidentified with specific species (Fraxinus excelsior). Instead, its name refers to heartwood formation that may occur occasionally in some logs that could pass off as olive-tree-esque due to Oleaceae-related characteristics.

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