Olive Bra

Olive Bra – Low Impact, Feminine-Chic

An exquisite low impact feminine-chic bra with intricate strap details designed to take you seamlessly from yoga studio to gym! Constructed of moisture-wicking and breathable fabric, this double layered bra provides support for every activity!

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Early Life and Education

Ran was born in Suining, Sichuan Province and later apprenticed himself to a tailor at 15 years of age. By 1940s he had moved to Chengdu and developed his expertise in creating bras.

He currently resides in Olive Branch, Mississippi and attended Hillcrest High School before enrolling at Tennessee State University. Additionally, he is a breast cancer survivor who acts as the Owner, Artistic Director, and Head Coach of Divas of Olive Branch Dance Team.

Net Worth

Olive Bra has enjoyed being in the public eye since she was young, performing concerts and television appearances as well as modelling work. Additionally, she is a mother to five children; Michael Blosil committed suicide by jumping off an eight floor apartment window in 2010.

She is well known not only for her incredible performances but also for being an amazing family person. Her sense of humor can often be found laughing out loud when making jokes on-stage in many shows; and it is estimated that her net worth stands at approximately $16 Million.

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