Oliver Adler

Oliver Adler

Oliver Adler of Cherry Hill East Senior School is not one to rest on his laurels. Serving as class president, Harvard-bound student and state champion runner are just some of his many accomplishments. Furthermore, Adler learned Mandarin outside school before approaching administration with plans to add it as part of the curriculum.

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Early Life and Education

Despite his poverty, Adler earned top grades and participated in school plays. Additionally, he led the New Jersey All-State boys cross-country team before being accepted to Harvard University and serving as councilman in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Fagin recruits Oliver as part of his pickpocketing gang; however, when Oliver attempts to deliver a book directly to a bookseller instead of himself for return delivery, Mr. Brownlow, Sikes and Dodger mistakenly think that he has stolen it from them instead.

Adler was widely revered for his sharp wit and generous spirit. Once, he paid his own ticket to appear on Jeopardy!, where when asked if he knew anyone at ABC, he responded that one of ABC’s attorneys attended Harvard law school alongside him.

Professional Career

Oliver is an exceptional educator who recognizes how student backgrounds and experiences greatly shape their educational opportunities. To meet this need, he actively searches out exciting experiential learning opportunities – leading his MPA classes on trips to Africa!

Stella Adler understood that acting thrives when actors use their own thinking to bring their own vision or sense of mission to their work, according to theater writer Sheana Ochoa. She encouraged her students to be independent thinkers with full commitment towards training their minds, bodies, voices and spirits for success in acting.

At Cherry Hill East High School, Adler holds numerous roles including class president and student athlete advisory council member; state champion runner; studying Mandarin outside school as part of an extracurricular activity and plans on enrolling at Harvard in 2022.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver Adler knows how to maximize his time. At Cherry Hill East High School, he holds multiple roles including class president, Harvard-bound student-athlete and state champion runner. Though teachers frequently advise him against overextending himself, Oliver insists on making every moment count: seven years outside school spent learning Mandarin as well as petitioning the board of education for inclusion as an official language within the district and running 70+ miles each week during track season in order to compete at both New Balance National Indoors Championships (NINC) and Penn Relays this coming spring.

Personal Life

Teachers often tease Adler about his need to learn to slow down, yet he remains determined to squeez every last drop out of every day. Adler participates in extracurricular activities while still making time to train for his cross country and track and field campaigns.

He is married to Diane Adler and together they have two children: Levi Hank Adler and Sawyer Jane Adler. Additionally, he has one stepdaughter named Liz Brixius.

Adler hails from Cherry Hill and has lived there most of his life. His passion lies with public service and making an impactful difference for others, which has earned him the respect of many. Additionally, Adler is an outstanding husband, father and politician with an expansive social circle who is widely esteemed among his peers.

Net Worth

Oliver Adler boasts a net worth of $1.5 Million. A well-known actor onscreen, Oliver is also known to support various social causes through charity efforts.

He is also an entrepreneur, having founded several entertainment industry companies. Additionally, he has served as an actor, producer, or miscellaneous crew member on several films and television shows.

He is married and lives with Simon Doonan for many years. A staunch supporter of same-sex marriage, he is actively involved with organizations that promote this cause. Additionally, he enjoys staying fit by spending most of his free time at the gym to keep in shape; also enjoying luxury vacations and fashionable clothing as hobbies.

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