Oliver Audiology

Oliver Audiology

Oliver Audiology provides comprehensive hearing healthcare services. Their practice offers personalized treatments, expert advice, and industry-leading patient outcomes. Services provided include audiological evaluations, video-otoscopic exams and hearing aids as well as accessories – their services come highly recommended by patients as well as professionals alike.

Early Life and Education

oliver audiology’s staff consists of university-educated, top-of-the-class professionals. Each one takes great pride in their profession and sees it as more of a calling than simply another job.

She saw her grandmother, fondly known as Nonna, struggle with hearing loss and decided then that she would pursue a career as an Audiologist. Over the course of 39 years of practice in Audiology she has witnessed hearing aid technology advance from bulky devices that didn’t look attractive to sleek devices that provide crisp sound quality and deliver sound clarity.

She joined the Speech Perception lab in 2019 and hopes to work in pediatrics or specialize in cochlear implants as her future career goals. Additionally, she loves spending time at the beach, cooking delicious food and taking in Florida sunsets!

Professional Career

Jane Oliver has been practicing audiology since 1997 and currently works at Mt Gravatt hearing centre in Brisbane with Hearing Australia as both a research audiologist and clinical paediatric audiologist. Additionally, she serves as part of QCH Childhood hearing clinic, caring for the needs of amplification in children from birth to young adults.

She is a member of the College of Audiologists and holds a master’s degree in audiology. Additionally, she is certified to treat various conditions, and has worked at hospitals, otoneurology offices, skilled nursing facilities and private practices.

Wright brings extensive industry experience to her role as Senior Director of Partner Marketing with WS Audiology, having previously held roles such as Professional Education Manager, Regional Sales Manager and Director of Product Management. She plans on using this knowledge in elevating hearing care professional partnerships through various cutting-edge programs offered by the company.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver wrote numerous books on speech disorders. His passion and work were recognized with numerous awards and honors.

Oliver was dedicated to championing legislation that promoted patient and audiology care at both state and national levels throughout his career, serving on the MAA Legislative Committee for over two decades.

Oticon Focus on People Award recipients are exceptional individuals who demonstrate that hearing loss does not hinder one’s ability to live an inspiring and productive life. Oticon’s US headquarters in Somerset, New Jersey hosted an awards ceremony honoring these individuals who took first place in three categories – Student, Practitioner and Advocacy.

Kylie graduated from the University of Florida with a major in Communication Sciences and Disorders. As part of her undergraduate volunteer commitment, she joined Speech Perception Lab as an undergraduate volunteer. Outside of school she enjoys spending time at the beach as well as cooking!

Personal Life

Oliver Audiology & Hearing Aid Services boasts fantastic staff who are friendly and helpful. Their genuine concern for you will ensure they treat you like one of their only patients. Furthermore, Oliver also conducts non-profit work in other countries to aid children living with hearing loss.

NHS audiology services should aim to see children with permanent hearing issues much sooner than the national NHS waiting time targets – for instance within four weeks after referral – for assessments, treatment decisions, and fitting hearing aids.

Widex is striving to give audiologists access to real-life data provided by end-users, enabling them to provide personalized care and advice based on listening habits of the end user.

Net Worth

Audiologists who choose to open their own practice do so for similar reasons as anyone starting a new business: financial independence and schedule control are both top considerations.

Oliver Audiology & Hearing Aid Services provide comprehensive audiology and hearing aid services for pediatric to geriatric patients across two locations. Their primary services include diagnosing hearing loss, tinnitus and balance disorders as well as providing diagnostic testing such as OAEs, Tympanometry, Evoked Potentials Testing (EEPT) and Videonystagmography testing services.

Most audiology training programs do not equip their graduates with the business skills required for starting a practice. Although assets of the practice are considered when valuing it, the equipment’s value does not usually form part of its asking price.

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