Oliver Barry

Oliver Barry

Oliver Barry is an attorney with years of experience handling various complex cases, with expertise in personal injury and civil rights litigation.

He earned a bachelor of psychology from college before enrolling at Rutgers Camden School of Law to obtain his law degree.

Early Life and Education

Oliver Barry is an esteemed attorney with extensive experience handling personal injury and civil rights cases. After earning his Bachelor’s in Psychology at Ursinus College, he went on to receive his Juris Doctorate at Rutgers Camden School of Law.

As Co-Lead Class Counsel in the Edna Mahan Sex Abuse litigation, he successfully advocated for reforms and an 18 million dollar settlement on behalf of victims. Furthermore, he has extensive trial and appellate experience.

Oliver credits Sacks with teaching him how to view the world with naturalist’s insatiable curiosity and acute observational skills, lessons that he shares with his students to foster empathy, courage, and passion for their work – these stories are moving and inspirational.

Professional Career

Barry brings years of experience handling personal injury matters and civil rights actions, with extensive trial and appellate experience as a partner at Rossway Swan Tierney Barry & Oliver.

He’s an active member of his local cycling team and supports education initiatives in his community. In his free time, he enjoys participating in triathlons and playing baseball.

Rowan Atkinson and Burn Gorman from British stage production of “Anna Karenina” made their London debuts. Others who appeared include Jodie Prenger as Nancy for both Columbus summer stock productions as well as regional tours in 1976 – Tamsin Carroll also understudied this role.

Achievement and Honors

Barry Oliver is one of Canada’s premier jazz drummers and an esteemed multi-disciplinary artist, offering composition, producing, band leading, recording and dedicated education services as part of Cornerstone Records Inc (a successful independent jazz label).

This year’s Elseworlds crossover featured some fantastic callbacks, one of the best being Oliver-as-Barry firing two surprise arrows into Barry’s back in an Elseworlds Freaky Friday-like predicament – it truly captured Oliver and Barry’s relationship.

Oliver Jones received the Barry Inglis Medal by the National Measurement Institute in 2022 for his extensive and careful development of analytical measurement techniques. It is an honor well deserved by someone who has made such an outstanding contribution to Australia’s scientific community.

Personal Life

Barry Allen has spent much of his life running from something. But after awakening from a nine month coma and discovering he can move at lightning speeds, he finds he can become the Flash. However, memories from his past still linger and teenage thoughts surface frequently despite this newfound identity.

As part of season four’s crossover titled “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, Garfield Logan from another Earth travels to ours and meets Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in the Speed Force. Later, The Monitor recruits them all – Flash, Oliver Queen, Kara Zor-El / Supergirl, Kate Kane / Batwoman to stop Anti-Monitor from destroying multiverse.

The team encounters Nora West-Allen/Earth-2 Nora from the future who alters history by unleashing Cicada as a serial killer. Later they learn that Nora works for Clifford DeVoe/The Thinker who orchestrated Barry’s return from Speed Force as well as devised bus metahumans.

Net Worth

Barry became immensely wealthy upon acquiring all of Harrison Well’s assets through STAR Labs and Harrison Well’s will, as well as making good sums through acting.

He made numerous television shows, theatre performances and movies playing the role of Dame Edna Everage; additionally he also held other acting roles and wrote books before passing away at age 89 in August 2017.

Roy Bivolo uses his powers during a bank robbery to send an uncontrollable police officer into an unbridled rage, which infuriated Oliver Queen (as the Arrow). Bivolo then revealed he could do it again to other individuals; when Oliver attempted to stop Bivolo using strobe light they managed to prevent it from working again on Caitlin and Oliver.

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