Oliver Chau

Oliver Chau Net Worth – 22 Years Old Hockey Player

Oliver Chau is known as one of the quietest athletes. However, oftentimes his soft voice gets drowned out by reporters or teammates nearby.

As soon as he steps on the ice, junior winger Jaden Wilson demands attention. His silky skating and unique skill set provide UMass coach Rand Pecknold’s team with an edge; not least his ability to create offensive opportunities with odd-man rushes.

Early Life and Education

Chau’s family life includes one brother and three sisters. In 2016, he graduated from Northfield Mount Hermon School with a degree in finance.

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Professional Career

Chau’s quiet demeanor belies his command of the locker room. A leader by example, but also adept at opening up opportunities in offensive zones with silky backhand shots and an infectious willingness to battle, Chau has an audible voice in the locker room that commands respect.

Former Brooks Bandit, this is his inaugural pro season and leads Florida Everblades scoring with 37 points (13g, 24a) from 41 games played this year. On Saturday in overtime against Idaho he scored his team’s game-winner for an early lead in Kelly Cup Finals series; it marked his inaugural professional goal; previously at UMass, he played 60 games for Brooks Bandits where he earned their Rookie of the Year honors for 2016-17 season.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver Chau isn’t easily noticeable unless you already know him, yet the junior forward stands as one of UMass’ key leaders under head coach Greg Carvel and boasts unmatched playmaking abilities that outshone even those on UMass’ roster as a freshman. At first he took a back seat to veteran graduate transfer Jacob Pritchard; since then though, Chau has learned much from Pritchard that has helped mold his game; most famously in Amherst during the national semifinal of Frozen Four when Chau set up Del Gaizo for what became his iconic goal that eventually sealed victory against UCLA in 2017.

Personal Life

Chau may be reserved, but his actions speak loud and clear. For instance, Chau’s setting up of Marc Del Gaizo’s one-timer goal against Denver that propelled UMass to the Frozen Four is legendary among Minuteman fans and will live long in memory as an iconic moment in their team’s history.

Chau is known to keep his personal life relatively private and is currently unattached, although reasons behind his actions remain unknown. Instead, his focus lies on becoming one of the top hockey players.

Net Worth

Chau’s Net Worth is estimated at between $1-5 Million at present due to his success as an NHL Hockey Player. He earns most of his income playing hockey as his primary profession at 22 years old, preferring not to discuss personal life details publicly while remaining active on social media and sharing photos/videos with close friends only. Chau is also an outstanding student having graduated Northfield Mount Hermon School in 2016. Lastly he resides with both parents.

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