Oliver Greene

Oliver Greene

Oliver Greene was an evangelist who lived a life filled with upheaval before ultimately accepting Christ as Lord and Saviour. Through him, thousands were led towards following Him.

He spread his faith through public speaking, written word and radio broadcasting. Although he passed away in 1976, his ministry continues to this day.

Early Life and Education

Oliver Greene was born in Greenville South Carolina to Julius D Green a storeowner and newspaper carrier and Agnes Sarah James Green a housewife. Throughout his childhood he indulged in drinking, stealing, bootlegging and immoral behavior that threatened his home life and morality.

At age 20, Oliver attended a revival meeting solely to find himself an appealing country girl. Instead, God showed up and called him into preaching!

He established The Gospel Hour as a Christian outreach ministry using radio broadcasts, personal appearances, books and audio tapes. Starting out on one station in Georgia it spread across the nation; tent campaigns were also run during his 35 year ministry which resulted in over 200 000 professions of faith being recorded during its run.

Professional Career

Oliver Greene is an esteemed professional religious leader who has amassed significant wealth. Distinguished in business, entertainment, and charity arenas; Oliver has contributed significantly to society by aiding those in need.

His father’s counsel on savings and tithing stayed with him throughout his life. To be socially responsible, he gives 10% of his earnings away to charity.

He has provided invaluable assistance in business and education fields, and holds an enviable reputation within his community. Currently serving as Chief Program Officer at YWCA of New York City, he focuses on social justice programs targeted toward underserved youth to give them resources necessary to pursue their dreams.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver Greene is an internationally recognized expert in African American literature and multicultural literature, having published many articles, essays, and books that broaden and deepen public understanding of black literary works.

She has also served on multiple college committees, such as the Board of Education and Medgar Evers College. Additionally, she is a member of the National Conference of Artists. Additionally, she was honored with both the Determined to Educate Award and Harriet Jacobs Literary Award in 2018.

Stanford running team finished fourth in Big Ten championship, NCAA runner-up program in both 2016 and 2014. She assisted individual runners earn All-America status, and most recently led 2022-21 Purdue Boilermakers distance and cross country teams to success.

Personal Life

Oliver Greene keeps much of his personal life private and does not provide many details regarding any possible relationships in his past or present. It does not appear that anyone famous has been romantically involved with Oliver in any capacity.

Born on Valentine’s Day 1915 to Julius D Green, a store owner and newspaper deliverer. As a youth he lived an unconventional lifestyle which involved drinking, gambling and drug abuse among other vices.

At 24, he became a Christian, and dedicated himself to preaching the Gospel. This passion would lead him to hold revival meetings across America for over 35 years as well as visiting missionaries overseas.

Net Worth

Greene owns several properties in Palm Beach, including several downtown sites once designated for luxury condominiums and the popular wine and tapas bar The Blink Monk.

As the housing market reached its peak, Greene convinced Wall Street banks to let him trade credit default swaps, an insurance on bonds backed by mortgages. His bets on these paper, which eventually reached $30 million, mainly targeted mortgage packages from California and Nevada as well as those known as “2/28s”, 30-year loans sold with 2-year teaser rates.

Oliver Boyce Greene (February 14, 1915 – July 26, 1976), was an independent fundamental Baptist evangelist and prolific writer, known for penning over one hundred books and leaflets during his long life. Known for being a Religious Leader.

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