Oliver Ngy

Oliver Ngy – Bass Angler and TikTok Star

Oliver Ngy has become well known as an angler who specializes in searching out large west coast trophy swimbaits. A regular on MeatEater’s Das Boat series, Oliver has developed his own niche chasing double-digit largemouth bass on conventional gear – creating double digit largemouth bass records without using electric lures! Oliver has become a go-to resource for swim bait manufacturers seeking feedback and expertise.

Early Life and Education

Oliver Nguyen grew up in a family who were often on the move due to his father’s work opportunities, shaping him into who he is today: bilingual with experience from diverse cultures.

Oliver was 13-years old on an idyllic morning in Tokyo, Japan – the final day of school and everyone was anticipating summer vacation. Students signed pillowcases for each other; Oliver approached his teacher, got his case back, and then glanced down to see what she had written on it.

Oliver is widely recognized for his YouTube series Big Bass Dreams, which showcases anglers’ passion, ups and downs, dreams, etc. Additionally, he competes in tournament fishing events.

Professional Career

Oliver Ngy is a self-taught angler who quickly learned the value of commitment and dedication early in his fishing career. He quickly rose to the forefront of bass scene fame for catching monster fish species such as double-digit largemouth bass and 5-plus pound smallmouth. Oliver competes nationally on Bassmaster Open Tour while continuing to explore multi-species opportunities throughout North America and internationally.

Oliver Ngy of Black Rifle Coffee-sponsored pro team tackles the Harris chain of central Florida lakes with Roland Martin as his childhood hero – fulfilling one of his childhood wishes by fishing together! Furthermore, Ngy also covers umbrella rigs, Alabama rigs and larger profiles as alternatives to big swimbaits.

Achievement and Honors

As a child, Oliver excelled at school. He earned straight A’s throughout elementary and middle school before going on to join student government (StuGo) and play tennis on the high school team.

Oliver also created a YouTube channel called Big Bass Dreams where he posts incredible fish-catching footage to share online for all to view. Oliver quickly amassed an extensive following and continues producing videos each week on Big Bass Dreams.

Oliver’s research interests lie at the intersection of urban ecology and environmental justice. They use spatial data, web development and research techniques to assist local communities/organizations fight environmental injustice. Oliver is currently pursuing their PhD at Stanford University; working on a project studying how inequity and residential segregation impact bird communities.

Personal Life

Oliver Ngy is a self-taught angler who quickly recognized the value of commitment and dedication early in his fishing career. As one of the foremost experts on large swim baits for bass fishing, Oliver Ngy has made himself a name in this arena as an innovator of big swim bait techniques renowned for catching monster fish of various species such as double-digit largemouth bass. Additionally, Oliver competes on national bassmaster Open Tour events while discovering multi species fishing opportunities along the way.

Ngy moves away from his usual go-to West Coast trophy swimbaits to smaller bass-catching models suitable for more anglers in this video on the water. He shares some of his preferred techniques for targeting and fighting big bass.

Net Worth

Oliver Ngy is a popular American YouTuber and TikTok Star who rose to prominence through his lip-sync videos of pop songs. With over 456k followers on TikTok and over 4.9 million subscribers on YouTube, Ngy also runs his clothing line Moy Army which provides products like T-shirts, hoodies, masks, caps and stickers.

Recently he shared a video of himself reeling in a 17.4-pound largemouth bass from Lake of the Ozarks during a Big Bass Bash event at Alhonna Resort using swimbait. It was an acrobatic fish!

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