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Oliver Oakes Net Worth

Oliver Oakes is the founder and team principal of Hitech GP, which competes in several Formula 1 feeder categories. Oakes has experience as both World Karting Champion as well as participating in Red Bull Junior Team programs so he understands what it takes to develop successful drivers and teams.

Early Life and Education

Oliver Oakes was born January 11 in Attleborough, Norfolk and currently works as team principal and director for Hitech GP Racing Team. In 2005 he won the World Karting championship, having first raced karts at age 4 in his family garden. From there his passion for motorsport grew into something greater.

He epitomizes all of the qualities necessary to become a true pioneer, contributing his full share to improving his county. He stands as an exemplary role model to younger citizens while being revered and admired by all his fellow citizens.

Oakes founded Hitech Performance to offer guidance, nutrition support, physio and sports therapy services specifically tailored for racers. Hitech Performance’s premium motorsport-specific service through purpose built facilities has seen significant growth over time and now stands as one of the UK’s premier recruitment agencies.

Professional Career

Oliver Oakes is an accomplished racing driver, entrepreneur and team owner. As founder and owner of Hitech GP Racing Team in FIA Formula 3 Championship history – which boasts one of its greatest successes ever seen – Oakes also won World Karting Championship and had previously served on Red Bull Junior Team.

Oakes has been the team principal of Formula 3 since 2015 and has helped develop some of its brightest young talent. He is known for taking drivers from karting through to motorsport’s highest level with ease and has amassed an impressive list of victories, podium finishes and pole positions under his command.

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Achievement and Honors

Oliver Oakes is a well-recognized figure in motorsport circles. A former World Karting Champion and founder of junior single-seater racing team Hitech GP.

He has become a regular face at Rockingham rounds of GP3, supporting Carlin Motorsport this year as they race GP3. His free time is spent discovering talent on the karting circuit.

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Personal Life

Oliver Oakes was born January 10, 1804 in Easton, Massachusetts to a prominent manufacturer of shovels; as part of this family business he learned every aspect of production process from production planning to assembly line operations. Later he became both socially and financially successful businessman who served in Congress while funding part of transcontinental railroad project through Union Pacific company.

Oakes founded Hitech GP in 2015 to compete in Formula 2 and Formula 3 championships, quickly amassing wins and podium finishes in its short history. Most recently, Bergton Management Ltd gave up their shareholding and Oakes took full control of his newly founded team after giving up their 75 percent ownership – this move was significant for Bergton.

Net Worth

Oliver Oakes currently boasts a net worth of approximately $1.5 Million. As the owner of Hitech GP, an English single-seater racing team competing in F2, F3, and F4 competition, as well as having teams competing in FIA Formula Renault Eurocup and British Formula 3 Championship, Oakes holds assets valued at more than this amount.

Hitech GP recently announced it had secured a 25 percent stake of parent company Hitech Global Holdings Limited from Kazakh billionaire Vladimir Kim, giving it enough backing to make its full debut in 2026 and compete against established names in motorsport.

Former World Karting Champion Robert Hitech understood what was necessary to develop and lead a winning team, so in 2015 he established Hitech GP to capitalize on opportunities presented by the market.

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