Oliver O’Waid

Oliver O’Waid Honor Roll for Cony Middle School in Augusta

Achievement and Honors

Cony Middle and High School of Augusta has recognized these students on its first quarter honor roll: Feed Abdulmohsin, Aliya Alkattea, Azabell Assaf, Evangelina Flagg, Eyslin Foster, Abigail Bucknam, Logan Dinkel Samantha Gorrill Kira Gregor Madison Kay Sequora Kelley Connor Lewis Aven Nicholas Calob Milne Matthew Peterson Danielle Pelletier Libby Rosa among many more with high honors including Izabelle Clark, Luca Hardy and Alicia Hills-Pettitt among others. Other students with high honors included Izabelle Clark Luca Hardy and Alicia Hills-Pettitt

Gage Eastman, Reilly Bernstein, Olivia Duplessis and Olivia Dunnett from Katherine Dos Santos School; Annabelle Ferrusca of Annabelle Ferrusca School and Morgan Cunningham are also recipients of honors. Jahmiyo Erb from Bailey Geneseo also earned honors along with Joshua Hathaway, Kaitlyn Hanington Joshua Hathaway Isaiah Hagan Corey Jones and Laurel MacLean were recognized. Ayshah Habib, Byron Hendrickson and Makayla Hennessey received honorable mention.

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