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Oliver Patrick Short – Celebrity Biography

Oliver Patrick Short is a superstar child. He is the son of famed comedian Martin Short and his wife Nancy Dolman. In addition to being a well-known actor, he is also a producer. Currently, he works as a contestant producer for the show Generation Gap. Previously, he was a Senior Associate Producer for FOX Sports.

During his childhood, Short was an accomplished violinist. His mother Olive died of cancer after a five-year battle. Throughout his career, he earned a fortune. Nevertheless, he chose to live a quiet life.

Short met Dolman while filming Godspell. The two were married for 30 years. They had three children, including Oliver. Their youngest child, Henry, was born in 1989. Occasionally, Henry and Patrick appear at events together.

As Oliver’s father, Patrick, is a wealthy businessman, his family’s wealth has grown to seven figures. Despite being a busy father, he still finds time for his family. Pat has a 3-bedroom house in the Pacific Palisades. Also, he owns a cottage on Lake Rosseau in Ontario.

He is a member of the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business, where he majors in marketing and film. Patrick also served as a captain of the men’s snowboard team at the school. When Patrick was a teenager, he played the guitar and served as a singer on his church’s praise band.

He was hired as an associate producer for A. Smith & Co. Productions, where he worked for four years. He has also been a contestant producer on the show Generation Gap, which is associated with Kelly Ripa and Jimmy Kimmel.

In 1999, he hosted his own show called The Martin Short Show. Later, he was asked to return by Lorne Michaels. However, he did not enjoy the show.

Since his wife’s death, Patrick has refocused his professional and personal life. He has also become a private practitioner. Despite his professional obligations on the West Coast, he still spends time with his children. Ultimately, he hopes to be a successful and happy parent to his son.

While Oliver is a devoted and honorable child, he seems to be a bit reserved. Nevertheless, he has an incredibly supportive family. All his siblings are close, and they often lean on each other during tough times.

Despite his celebrity status, Short does not use social media. On the other hand, he does not boast of his parents’ success. Nonetheless, he is a respected actor and producer, and he has received several awards.

He is an American citizen. He has an estimated net worth of $50 million. Considering his family’s wealth, it is no surprise that Oliver has the best of everything. Moreover, his family owns multiple houses, which are worth a combined total of over a million dollars.

Besides being a successful actor, Martin Short is also a renowned singer. His songs have been featured in many movies and television shows. Among his popular songs are “Sorry,” “City of Joy,” and “Catch Me if You Can.” Moreover, he is a songwriter and guitarist.

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