Oliver Ricordelli

Oliver Ricordelli – A Bright Spirit

Oliver had an infectious spirit of generosity and support that touched so many. His passions included gardening and Ultimate Frisbee; he led his school’s Ultimate team as captain before creating an intramural club this winter and working hard to have it recognized as a varsity sport. Furthermore, Oliver often assisted others with their academics.

Early Life and Education

Oliver brought an exuberant spirit into everything he did, being open to new ideas and perspectives and offering guidance through his enthusiasm and wisdom. Those who knew him will miss him dearly; as captain of St. Joe’s Prep boys’ Ultimate team he worked tirelessly to spread Ultimate to students who hadn’t played it previously at school.

Oliver Twist (Mark Lester), an orphan aged nine years, joins a gang of street-urchin pickpockets led by Artful Dodger and Fagin; his intended mark, Mr. Brownlow takes pity on him and offers him shelter, but Fagin’s henchman Bill Sikes plans to kidnap Oliver through Bill’s girlfriend Nancy; however her efforts at distracting them by singing an amusing drinking song are blocked by Bullseye Sikes’ dog.

Professional Career

Oliver brought an enthusiastic energy and infectious laugh into everything he did, eager to share his understanding of life with those around him. An active member of St. Joe’s Prep Ultimate Frisbee club as captain, Oliver helped make it a varsity sport at school; also creating an intramural Ultimate league this past winter which saw over 100 students taking part – many learning the game for the first time!

Achievement and Honors

Oliver brought an infectiously positive energy and vibrant ideas with him wherever he went. He loved gardening, Ultimate Frisbee (he served as captain of St. Joe’s Prep Boys team and spearheaded an initiative to make it a varsity sport), starting an intramural club this past winter that saw over 100 students participate, many for the first time playing Ultimate. Oliver also took great pleasure from professional soccer and lacrosse; both provided him with exciting competitive environments while offering strategic yet camaraderie-filled experiences he will miss dearly; survived by parents and sister Chloe

Personal Life

Oliver was an engaging, thoughtful individual whose bright spirit brought light and hope into everyone he met. Always open to broadening his perspective of the world and sparking dialogue about new concepts, Oliver brought this same zest for learning into both his studies and extracurricular activities; captaining St. Joe’s Prep boys’ Ultimate Frisbee team while initiating an intramural club this past winter that introduced over 100 students – many for whom this sport was an entirely new experience – into ultimate frisbee for the first time ever before!

Politically active and passionately committed to Rojava’s secular, democratic and egalitarian principles in northern Syria, where he worked as a policeman before studying at Fork Union Military Academy and Westen Albermarle High School with Anne Campbell whom he married while there. They had one son together.

Net Worth

Oliver was known for bringing an infectiously enthusiastic energy into everything he did and was eager to expand his knowledge and explore new avenues of growth. He especially relished playing Ultimate Frisbee at school with friends, as well as participating in Saint Joe’s Prep Rugby team activities. Even when faced with major health challenges that forced him out for his sophomore year, Oliver was determined to return and finish out his senior year and graduate along with his class.

He currently resides in Europe with his Norwegian architect wife. They divide their time between Copenhagen and her family’s farm in Southern Norway. Other interests of his include reading, music and hiking – among many others! – and is particularly fond of making people laugh with his keen sense of humor. With an expansive group of friends at his side he takes great pleasure in spending time together.

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