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Olivo Store Opens Doorbuster in Rockford

Olive oil is an indispensable pantry item that should be stored in dark and airtight containers to preserve its quality and nutritional benefits. Direct sunlight exposure can quickly degrade its quality and negatively impact flavor as well as nutritional values.

Most people consider olive oil an everyday product found at grocery stores. Roni Hosfeld thought this way too until she visited Colorado and got an eyeful of what’s out there.

Early Life and Education

At age 12, Olivo found Darwin’s theory of evolution to be one of the coolest concepts he had ever heard of. After studying physics and working as a software engineer in commercial environments – where he developed web applications, user interfaces, speech synthesis systems and online learning systems – Olivo later transitioned into bioinformatics and genomics research.

Olivo Fresco offers a great selection of olive oils and vinegars at reasonable prices, while their friendly owner makes this worth a trip out to Rockford area.

There is also curbside pickup service for orders placed online. Just park in the designated spot, inform them what you ordered, and they’ll bring it directly to your car!

Achievement and Honors

Olivo’s Doorbuster Store opened last Friday with long lines outside its entrance in Rockford. Selling InstaPots, rugs and mini fridges at $10 each for one year to give back to the community, Olivo will keep this doorbuster store open as part of his charitable giving initiative.

He was named 10th grade February Student of the Month for turning in all his work on time and being a positive role model. Always greeting teachers and helping his classmates, he’s also an outstanding performer in gym class and lunch periods.

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