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Aristotle Onassis and His Onassis Glasses

Onassis glasses make an eye-catching fashion statement with their oversized frames and timeless elegance and allure.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ enthusiasm for this style contributed greatly to its spread, continuing even after her marriage to Aristotle Onassis. Her preference for wearing large sunglasses became part of her signature style.

Early Life and Education

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Designer Yves Saint Laurent, architect Le Corbusier and style muse Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis all chose frames made by Maison Bonnet of France – a family-owned luxury specs brand founded in the 1950s that crafts custom made-to-measure frames for fashion designers, architects, artists and aesthetes alike. Maison Bonnet remains a favorite among these luminaries today as their client list boasts fashion designers, architects, artists and aesthetes as clients; its Jackie O sunglasses remain popular today; originally designed specifically for Aristotle Onassis it became her signature look today and now popularly worn by her fans worldwide – being available both genuine tortoiseshell as well as bio cellulose acetate materials.

Professional Career

As an international business mogul, Aristotle Onassis created an empire renowned for its luxury and sophistication. His impeccable style and influential persona left an indelible mark on fashion trends; including eyewear trends. Onassis was known to favor large frames with bold designs – something his influence continues to impact upon many fashion-conscious individuals today.

He particularly appreciated tortoiseshell sunglasses, with their sophisticated yet warm appeal. Brands such as Oliver Peoples and Persol offered tortoiseshell aviator frames suited perfectly to Onassis’ taste for classic elegance.

Onassis also donned gradient sunglasses, an increasingly popular trend that features lenses with gradient tinting that transition from darker to lighter hues. Gradient lenses add modern flare to any wardrobe!

Achievement and Honors

Aristotle Onassis’ sunglasses choices were much more than mere fashion accessories; they expressed his unique taste and persona. His preference was for round sunglasses that exude timeless glamour while exuding vintage elegance, along with brands like Oliver Peoples which offered designs with classic appeal yet contemporary sophistication.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, or Jackie O, left an indelible mark on fashion throughout her lifetime and popularized several trends that remain trendy today. Her influence extended well beyond her marriage with Onassis – inspiring designers, fashion enthusiasts and prominent celebrities alike to pay homage to her iconic style.

Personal Life

Aristotle Onassis made a lasting mark on fashion, inspiring generations of style enthusiasts with his timeless elegance and fearless glamour. His sunglasses choices epitomized his flair for classic yet daring style that mesmerized everyone around him.

He favored tortoiseshell sunglasses, an eyewear style which exuded sophistication and warmth, along with oversized frames which highlighted his features and added drama to his ensembles. Oliver Peoples and Persol were his go-to designers.

He favored gradient sunglasses with lenses varying in shades from darker to lighter to add a modern touch to his classic style. Aviator and square frames were his go-to choices when attending formal events; each exuding timeless elegance.

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Aristotle Onassis’ sunglasses of choice were Oliver Peoples and Dior; Dior’s classic and retro designs resonated well with him, while Oliver Peoples timeless styles suited his exquisite taste perfectly.

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