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Paige Drummond – Net Worth, Family, and Personal Life

Paige Drummond has a net worth of $7 million, according to Forbes. The television personality and blogger is best known for her blog, which she wrote while she was still in law school. She also has a family and a relationship with Ree Drummond. Read on to learn more about her net worth, career, and personal life.

Paige Drummond’s family

Paige Drummond’s family consists of her three sisters and her parents. She has an older sister named Alex Drummond, who is engaged to longtime companion Mauricio Scott. Paige is also very close to her aunt, Betsy Lee Smith. Paige and her family are from Oklahoma, and the family currently lives in the state of Arkansas.

Paige Drummond is the second daughter of her parents, Ree Drummond and Ladd Drummond. Paige was born on October 31, 1999, under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. She is exuberant, with an energetic personality. Her parents are Ree Drummond and Ladd Drummond, who are former professional basketball players. She also has siblings Chuck Drummond and Nan Drummond.

Paige Drummond’s parents have five children. Her sister Alex married Mauricio Scott last year, and they had a family wedding on the Drummond family ranch. Paige Drummond’s Instagram account has more than 183k followers. She is currently in her second year of college and has not made up her mind on what she wants to do after she graduates. Her net worth is estimated at $1 million, and she is focused on her studies.

Paige Drummond’s mother, Ree Drummond, has posted several milestone moments on social media. One recent post shows her preparing for her last day of school. She will complete her formal education after sixteen years. Her mother also helped her younger brother, Bryce Drummond, move into a university in North Texas.

Paige Drummond’s mother has approved Paige’s relationship with Mitchell Adams. The two are dating, but they still have a lot of things to work out. Paige’s new job could change the course of their relationship. Ultimately, her mom is happy for Paige and her relationship with Mitchell.

Paige Drummond’s father, Bryce, grew up in Pawhuska. He was a quarterback at Pawhuska High School and led the team to an undefeated season. He and his sisters home-schooled. Jamar Drummond, the oldest of the Drummond children, will graduate from college in 2021.

Paige Drummond’s blog

Paige Drummond is a college student at the University of Arkansas. She owns a YouTube channel with a large following. Paige has posted two videos so far. Paige also has a large following on Instagram. She currently has more than 183k followers. Her net worth is estimated at $1 million.

Paige Drummond has a very bubbly personality. She is a Scorpio and likes to take pictures of her life. Paige is also very witty, and she uses her blog to share her thoughts on life. You’ll also find her YouTube channel, where she’s posted two videos.

Paige Drummond’s parents are both successful. Her father, Ladd Drummond, has a net worth of $200 million and owns cattle ranches and real estate companies. Her mother, Ree Drummond, is an award-winning blogger and television personality. She has appeared on countless TV shows.

Paige Drummond was born on October 31, 1999. She has three siblings. Her mother, Ree Drummond, is an author of cookbooks and cooking blogs. Paige is very close with her elder sister, Alex. Her sister Alex is engaged to her college sweetheart, Mauricio Drummond.

Paige Drummond’s blog has gained a large social media following. Her blog has been viewed over 20 million times a day. She has also published several books, including The Pioneer Woman Cookbook. She recently wrote her second cookbook. This cookbook aims to help her readers create healthy meals from their everyday ingredients.

Paige Drummond’s career

Paige Drummond is the younger daughter of renowned chef Ree Drummond. Born on October 31, 1999, she is of American descent. Her parents have a successful blog and are known for their television shows Tasty Food and The Pioneer Woman. She has a net worth of $1 million and is currently focusing on her education.

Paige has been teasing her new beau, Mitchell Adams, on social media for some time now. They made it official in September 2021. Paige Drummond and Mitchell were pictured at an ’80s-themed prom party at the University of Arkansas. Paige wore a ’80s-inspired boutonniere and Mitchell fastened a corsage on her wrist.

Paige has spent the majority of her time focusing on her education and career, but she also spends time with her family. She also maintains a presence on many social media sites, including Instagram. She has more than 200K followers. Paige has been known to post pictures of herself with her friends and family.

Paige Drummond’s career has been marked by milestone moments. She shared photos of her last first day of school, which will mark her final day of formal education. She also recently helped her younger brother, Bryce, move to the University of North Texas. She also joined her mother on a 500-mile drive each way to get him ready for college.

Paige Drummond’s YouTube channel is a great place to follow her work. She has posted two videos on the website. Paige’s mom is okay with her dating Mitchell Adams, but Paige is still dating Mitchell Adams. Her new career may bring about changes in the relationship between the two of them.

Paige Drummond was born in Oklahoma and has three siblings. Her sister, Alex Drummond, is now married to Mauricio Scott, while her brothers are named Todd Drummond and Bryce Drummond. Paige’s aunt’s name is Betsy Lee Smith. Paige’s family was very close and Paige’s sister and brother are close in age.

Paige Drummond’s father Ladd Drummond was killed in a car accident at age 18 while working on a friend’s ranch in Texas. Later, his parents decided to name their youngest son after their deceased son. The family continues to run the ranch, but their youngest son, Caleb Drummond, is a volunteer firefighter. The accident occurred on a gravel road with high winds. As a result of the high winds, the driver didn’t have enough visibility to see ahead.

Paige Drummond’s relationship with Ree Drummond

Paige Drummond has not yet pursued a professional career, but she has a large following on social media. Her account at Instagram has over 183k followers and she has a YouTube channel. Paige was born in 1999 and is a sophomore at Arkansas University. She is the granddaughter of Chuck Drummond and Nan Drummond.

Paige Drummond has been posting sweet pictures of Mitchell since January. The couple have been spotted on adventures and road trips. In mid-March, Paige posted a photo with Mitchell with the caption, “So much fun.” And it looks like Paige and Mitchell are serious about each other.

Paige and Ree’s children are close. Paige’s oldest sister, Alex, recently graduated from Texas A&M. Paige’s mom Ree has been known to teasing her kids while they film episodes of Extreme Makeover. Paige pretends to hate Ree’s teasing, but their relationship has been praised by fans.

Paige Drummond and Ree Drummond were married in April 2015. They have four children: Alex, Tim, and Ladd. Ree and Ladd started foster care for Jamar two and a half years ago. He is about a month younger than Bryce and plays football with both. Ree remembers meeting Jamar on the day he moved in. At first, he seemed taciturn, but Ree managed to woo him with a cookie. Since then, Jamar has become an incredibly beloved member of the Drummond family.

In September 2021, Paige Drummond introduced her boyfriend, Tyler Adams. The pair made their relationship public by attending a ’80s-themed party at the University of Arkansas. In pictures, the couple looked smitten. But the question remains: Are they seriously dating?

Paige Drummond was born in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, USA. She has three siblings, including a sister and two younger brothers. Paige Drummond is also a student at the University of Arkansas. Her mother is a well-known chef and blogger, and is known for her recipes and culinary websites.

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