Pamela Stone

Pamela Stone – A Hampshire Alumna

Pamela Stone, an Hampshire alumna, specializes in caring for women throughout their reproductive journey. She holds three board certifications for obstetrics and gynecologic oncology.

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Early Life and Education

Amherst College graduate Stone received his law degree from Columbia University. After practicing law in New York City for several years he joined the federal government as an associate justice of the Supreme Court (1924). President Calvin Coolidge appointed him attorney general, and soon after Charles Evans Hughes resigned (1941) he became chief justice.

He was an advocate of judicial restraint and liberal reforms to protect civil liberties. He participated in many high-profile cases, such as his landmark dissenting opinion in Minersville School District v. Gobitis (1940). Here he held that Jehovah’s Witnesses must salute the American flag.

Professor Stone has published extensively in modern Italian history, especially regarding fascist cultural politics and issues surrounding dictatorship. Additionally, she specializes in genocide studies; currently serving on the Executive Council of the European University Institute and contributing essays to numerous essay collections.

Professional Career

Sociologist and expert on women’s careers, Stone has recently released her new book to address women who decide to quit their career and return home, looking at why and the repercussions for those close to them and women with far less advantages.

Stone completed her fieldwork and early thinking for this project in just one semester at Stanford’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research as a visiting scholar, receiving invaluable support from department colleagues at Hunter College and Graduate Center as well as her husband Bruce Schearer who provided moral, financial, and creative assistance for this work.

Achievement and Honors

Pam Stone hosted The Pam Stone Show daily for five years on weekdays for five years on syndicated daytime talk radio, appearing frequently on other television programs including Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, Oprah Winfrey and Joan Rivers shows and three Showtime cable comedy specials.

While living in Colombia, she realized that its majestic mountain ranges and high altitudes produce world-class cyclists who use an alchemical brown stone known as panela to fuel their intense ascents. This discovery led her to name her book accordingly.

Stone is immensely grateful to all those who assisted her research and provided support from Hunter College and the Graduate Center, especially Judith Warner who took an early interest in it and helped her consider its broader implications.

Personal Life

Pamela Stone is an award-winning author, journalist, and professor based out of New York. She earned a Ph.D. in physical anthropology from University of Massachusetts Amherst and currently serves as visiting assistant professor at Hampshire College.

She is the granddaughter of lawyer and politician Lewis Stone of New York and niece of Judge Gretchen Haug Stone from New York. Growing up, she enjoyed reading romance novels as she passed her time playing with imaginary friends or creating her own world.

Dr. Stone’s unique training and education enable her to care for patients from diagnosis through treatment to palliative care, developing individualized plans to address health concerns of each of her patients and providing personalized advice regarding diet-disease interactions. Dr. Stone also researches these areas.

Net Worth

She is an accomplished actor who has made guest appearances on various television programs like ‘Jericho, Stacked and Parks and Recreation.’ Additionally, she provided the voice for Ruth Powers in three episodes of ‘The Simpsons.’ Most recently she appeared in Sacha Baron Cohen’s comedy film ‘Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.’

She is known to possess an engaging sense of humor and often found among her close circle of friends and family. Additionally, she is active as an animal rights activist with PETA.

Though she has been hurt by various life partners, she has used writing and journaling as a way of managing her pain and healing. Today she is a successful real estate investor with a net worth estimated at $20 Million.

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